Soldiers Deployed For 11 Months Perform 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' On Flight Home

May 14, 2020 by apost team

The West Virginia National Guard sang a heart touching version of the famous John Denver song Take Me Home, Country Roads as their plane landed in the state. They’ve spent nearly a year out on deployment, and it really is an amazing video to watch.

The heartwarming music of John Denver has touched the lives of millions of fans over the decades. He started out as a small-town country boy with a dream and he ended up as a folk guitar legend. It’s no surprise that many patriotic Americans look to his humble songs as an inspiration. Lots of the nation’s soldiers probably enjoy Denver’s iconic sounds, but you haven’t seen a more amazing moment than what was captured on this video!

These brave troopers with the National Guard of West Virginia had spent a rough 11 months out on duty serving their country. They spent time in various places spread across the Middle East. A few were stationed in Kuwait, and others had spent their deployment in Afghanistan. There were even troops returning home from as far as Saudi Arabia. They all worked in different parts of the world, but they came together for one unforgettable moment.

All of them are sure to cherish this event for the rest of their lives. It’s all thanks to a beautiful song titled, Take Me Home, Country Roads. They were going home after spending nearly a year away from the land that they are so dedicated to protecting. Each man found friendship with their fellow troopers on this heart-melting flight back. Chandler McDaniel was one of the lucky participants during this awesome rendition of the well-known song. He pulled out his cellphone, and he immediately started recording.

Someone was playing the song in the background, and it seemed like everyone all joined in at the same time. There’s nothing like coming home after a long trip, and you can tell on their faces that they are excited! The best part is that all of the men sound like great singers. Their voices blend beautifully together as if they had been practicing it during their entire deployment.

It’s sure to remind you of how important it is that troops get plenty of time off to see their loved ones. They can be more prepared to handle all of the dangers they face out in the field when they aren’t homesick.

This is a good reminder of what they are really fighting to protect. Their loved ones are sure to meet them at the base with big smiles on their faces. There aren’t any country roads to guide them home on the flight, but they certainly can see those familiar roads in their hearts.

Not every soldier is fortunate enough to make it back home with such a cheerful outlook on life. It's very important that people who have served in foreign countries feel like their work is appreciated. Think about all of the personal sacrifices that the National Guard Troops make, and keep them in mind when you listen to your favorite John Denver songs.

Do you know anyone that’s served in the National Guard? Let them know how much their service means to you. Tell your loved ones about this amazing moment, and express your patriotism by encouraging our brave troops.