Soldier Wants To Give Battle Partner A Memorable Farewell As He Was More Than Just A Dog To Him

Jul 14, 2021 by apost team

There are many reasons why humans consider dogs to be their best friends. In addition to the unconditional love and affection shown by these animals, canines are also willing to sacrifice their lives in order to protect their owners.

This level of loyalty and commitment is not exhibited by other pets. In fact, there are no other species that have developed such a close bond. The relationship between canines and humans is truly unique and special. Every dog owner understands this deep connection and the impact that it can have on a person's life.

Dogs who work in the military develop an even closer bond with their human counterparts. These canines are trained alongside soldiers to solve a variety of problems. Moreover, dogs in the military go through the challenges that a soldier goes through as well, and they remain steadfast companions to soldiers during the most difficult times in their lives. 

One military dog had passed away in 2017, and it deeply affected the military as well as the general public. In commemoration of his service, a ceremony was held for a dog named Cena. He served alongside the US Marines in Afghanistan, and his passing led to a large outpouring of love for the soldiers who lost Cena from hundreds of people across Michigan. 

All pet owners know that the loss of their pet is akin to the loss of a family member. After all, pets are essentially like a child in the family. Cena's loss was most certainly devastating for the military, but he will never be forgotten.  

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The reason for the ceremony was very tragic. USA Today reported that Cena had to be put down after being diagnosed with bone cancer. This illness was terminal and was causing the poor dog excruciating pain. Although the decision wasn't taken lightly, Cena's handlers felt that it was the best decision given the unfortunate circumstances.

Cena was a black labrador who worked as a bomb sniffer for three years in Afghanistan. After retiring from the military in 2014, Cena started to work as a service dog for Corporal Jeff DeYoung. The duo started working together overseas during deployment. After experiencing the war side-by-side, Cena continued to help DeYoung transition into his new life.

Hundreds of people were in attendance at the tear-jerking ceremony. Before being euthanized, Cena was paraded in a box draped in the American flag. He was also given a final ride in a Jeep Wrangler. Animal lovers around the world praised the community for offering Cena such an emotional farewell service.

Comments regarding the service are testaments to how meaningful a canine can be to the life of a human. Although dogs have been serving alongside the armed forces for decades, they weren't publicly recognized until after World War II.

Nowadays, canines in the military and police forces are given an equal level of respect and admiration for their bravery and dedication. Military dogs play an incredibly important role in many different aspects of the armed forces, and their impact on soldiers is extremely important. In the most challenging times of their lives, soldiers depend on their dogs for companionship and love.

There is no other animal that shows humans more loyalty and affection. All dogs should be treated as kindly as Cena. He was a true hero. What do you think of Cena's farewell? Have you ever done something similar for your own pets? Tell us your thoughts and make sure to pass this along to your friends and family!

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