Soldier Sneaks Into House And Surprises Family With Unexpected Ambush

Dec 29, 2018 by apost team

The Holiday Season brings people together. It's a time to celebrate being a family and to get caught up in what is going on.

For many, though, it's not easy to come together because of physical distance. People are scattered and there may be hundreds of miles in between.

Even thousands in some cases.

For service men and women, it can be especially tough to get holiday leave. Soldiers are on duty in places around the world, many of which make it impossible to come home for the holidays. Plus, someone must be there to man the post if needed. Some lucky ones get time off through the holiday leave time lottery. Most don't get the chance.

But, one airman, Mike Ciuffoletti, was able to get time off. He decided not to let anyone know, so he could surprise them. And boy, did he.

Unopened gifts under the tree and that empty seat at the dining table are all signs someone is not going to be home for the holidays. Mike's family missed his presence but decided to enjoy the festivities.

Mike had other plans for them. He took a few of the stealth tactics he learned in bootcamp to ambush his family. He definitely took them by surprise!! What a great Christmas surprise it was.

The straightforward assault is what Mike decided to use. He moved up the sidewalk to the front door, then sauntered in without making a sound. His backup was his best friend, Clark, who was manning the camera to catch everyone's reaction.

No one knew of their approach until he walked into the kitchen. Everyone was in there making dinner. The screams on his appearance were definitely not ones of fear. Everyone was in shock and screaming for joy. Hugs came at him from every angle. They hadn't seen him in so long. Even the family dog had to get his hugs in!!

Mike's Dad had been outside when his son came into the house. One of the ladies in the kitchen went out and told him to get inside. His hug with his son was truly intense with the love between them.

This Christmas homecoming has all you need for a true celebration! Love for everyone, a few cries of joy, a lot of tears, one confused but ecstatic dog, and a very happy best friend. The best present of all was the fact that Mike came home. And the joy they felt is the true spirit of this joyous season.

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