Sofía Jirau Is A 22-Year-Old Latina Model With Down's Syndrome Setting New Standards In The Modeling Industry

Sofía Jirau went from her home country of Puerto Rico to New York Fashion Week recently to walk the runway. Her success even gave her the opportunity to create her own clothing and accessories brand, Allavet. 

This rising star is inspiring the world over, proving that being born with Down's syndrome doesn't mean you cannot achieve your wildest dreams. 

Jirau was born in Puerto Rico, and it was during her childhood there that she decided she wanted to be a model as reported here by Hola!

With over 85,000 followers, Jirau is already becoming a star on social media. Her Instagram account says:

"Inside and out there are no limits. You can accomplish your dreams too"

It was her runway appearance at the famed New York Fashion Week, where she modeled for dressmaker Maria Santiago, which elevated her fame. 

After the show, Jirau expressed her happiness at having achieved her dream. She was finally doing what she knew she was born to do. She also appreciated the positive reaction from the audience, who applauded the rising star.

Her profile has been further expanded by her "Alavett" line of clothes and accessories, all of which contain her signature heart branding. The name comes from her pronunciation of "I love it," which is the enthusiastic response she always loves to give.

Jirau's experience has reinforced her belief that there are no limits in life and we can all accomplish our goals. This is a message we could all be reminded about now and then, so be sure your friends and family check this out.