Sneaky Pup Walks Into Store And Steals Himself A Christmas Gift

Although you wouldn’t be proud to admit it, it’s likely that you’ve taken something that doesn’t belong to you before.

Even if it wasn’t intentional, stealing can leave you with immense feelings of guilt that don’t go away until you remedy the situation!

You feel like you have to set the record straight and own up to your wrongdoings before you’ll ever be able to sleep at night again!

 Do you think the same applies to dogs? One sneaky dog doesn’t seem to have any feelings of remorse as he goes on a unique Christmas mission! This dog did something you probably wouldn’t expect to see out of your own four-legged friend.

He walked right into a store, chasing through the aisles until he found a tasty snack for himself! The dog’s confidence and ease as he works his way through the store are simply hilarious, and we’re sure he didn’t feel any guilt!

Although his mission went unnoticed for the most part, the security camera captured it all for us to watch! The surveillance video shows the intelligent puppy enter the store. It seems like he has a plan in mind as he arrives!

Perhaps he was on a Christmas mission to get himself the yummiest treat possible? When you were a child, you likely begged your parents for early presents. Maybe this dog just wanted the same thing! We’re sure his mind was working hard trying to determine which snack he wanted.

Would a bag of bones be the best option? Or maybe even a yummy steak! The possibilities were endless for this adorable meddling dog. You can see the focus in his eyes as he roams through the aisles!

The dog even strolls right past the aisles of meat and heads for something more familiar: the dog treats! He sniffed through the entire aisle, going over the bones and selecting just the right one.

He doesn’t appear to linger for too long, as he doesn’t want to be caught! Once he picks just the right treat, he’s already on his way out! Once the shop’s workers saw the tape, they couldn’t stop laughing and knew that they had to share the moment for everyone to laugh at.

Could you see your dog doing something like this? Let us know - and pass this on to any animal-lover friends you might have to make their day!