Sneaky Dog Steals Grandma's Dentures And Can't Stop 'Smiling'

Sep 16, 2019 by apost team

Dogs are absolutely hysterical animals sometimes. If you own a dog, then you know that they can be a constant source of entertainment for us. They may photobomb important pictures, start running in circles when they get excited or chase their tails. Some dogs will even fake injuries to gain sympathy from their owners. What wouldn’t a dog do for a tasty treat? Whatever mischief they get into is often great for future stories.

One dog owner will likely tell the story about “the false teeth” for quite some time. Anna Carolina Lima owns a cute little dog named Luna. Luna was found on the streets of Brazil where Anna lives. Anna decided that she just had to take the dog home with her. That is when the fun really began reports The Sun.

One day, Anna spend some time with her grandmother. She decided to bring Luna along for the ride. Her grandmother and Luna got along perfectly, so Anna decided that she would go out shopping and leave the dog with her. Little did she know what was about to happen!

Her grandmother decided to lie down for a nap. As usual, she took her dentures out while she slept. The older lady set them under her pillow, but she had no idea that Luna was keeping an eye on them. The curious dog snatched the dentures while the grandmother snoozed away and had a bit of fun. You can see in the pictures just what Luna decided to do with them!

Check out the hysterical picture of Luna and the false teeth  in the video below:

What did you think of this cheeky animal? Have you had any dogs grab something personal of yours before? Leave us a comment and then make sure to pass this along to others!