Smelling Your Partner's Farts Might Actually Help You Live Longer

When it comes to favorite smells, answers vary from one person to another; however, rare is the day when the smell of farts makes the most-appealing list! The odor of human gas is often enough to send loved ones out of the room or at least make them cover their noses in disgust. If you’re married to a partner who can’t seem to keep their farts from erupting, it maybe time to quit pinching your nose and start breathing in the disgusting odor. Researchers are now saying that smelling the farts of your significant other may actually come with some impressive health benefits!

The study was conducted by the University of Exeter where researchers examined the health effects of smelling a partner’s farts. The healthy life-enhancing perks of farts come from the same ingredient as the smell of rotten eggs: Hydrogen sulfide.

While hydrogen sulfide may leave you feeling like you’re going to pass out or gag, researchers assure us that it is harmless and even beneficial in small quantities. However, if you receive a huge blast of hydrogen sulfide, you might experience respiratory and nervous system damage. But no worries, that’s a lot more hydrogen sulfide than contained in the average fart – even if it smells like it could kill, it won’t!

The Medical Chemistry Communications journal published the results of a recent gas study that compared the results of subjects exposed to small levels of hydrogen sulfide. Although large levels of the gas can be deadly, this study explained that smaller amounts can actually keep mitochondrial damage from occurring.

A research leader in the gas study stepped up to explain that the gassy-ingredient hydrogen sulfide is more than just a stinky smell that comes with rotten eggs and farts; instead, he pointed out that it is a natural product that has the potential for major health benefits. He even went so far as to call it a potential hero in the area of healthcare!

What does hydrogen sulfide do that is so great? While researchers are still investigating its full impact, studies so far suggest that the smell of farts can help to ward off cancer, stroke, and heart attacks along with slowing the development of arthritis and dementia.

Out of all that researchers discovered about farts, they considered their most exciting success to be the synthesis of a new compound called “AP39”. This compound is used to ensure a human’s body naturally makes and stores an adequate amount of hydrogen sulfide. Researchers look to use AP39 in the future to help with health measures.

Why is AP39 so important? When your body is fighting a disease, your cells often become worn out from the battle and work to build hydrogen sulfide to boost the cell’s abilities. After being infused with hydrogen sulfide, the cell’s mitochondria keeps going, giving it the strength to continue fighting and living. If cells don’t have the hydrogen sulfide needed to empower them, they will ultimately die, allowing the body to become over-run with disease.

Through the development of AP39, researchers hope to deliver the important hydrogen sulfide directly to the cells that need it, giving them the ability to keep fighting disease and staying alive when the cells would otherwise die. Researchers are optimistic about this new method, hoping to keep as many as 80% of all treated cells alive.

Not only does AP39 work to keep cells going strong, but researchers think that it may play a significant role in the regulation of blood pressure and provide an aid following heart attacks.

At this point, research is still in development and scientists have a long way to go until they fully understand the benefits of hydrogen sulfide and the best way to use it. Until then, we can continue to soak up the health perks offered by our loved ones’ farts. The next time your partner lets one rip in bed, don’t threaten to send them to the couch – instead, breath in deeply and know that you’re giving your body a healthy boost!