Small Girl Makes Friends With Dazzling, Black Newborn Horse

A little girl in Belgium made friends with rare baby horse twins, but not without first checking with their mother to see if it's okay, as seen in a video posted to YouTube in 2014.

Just Four Days Old

It's amazing what can happen when two young ones are bond. No matter what kind of babies they are, they can start a lifelong bond by meeting at such an early age. Baby animals are fascinating for humans. Not just because they're cute. Baby animals are unique because they learn so much so quickly. One example of this can be seen in the encounter between a little girl and a baby horse, or foal, in Belgium.

Unlike human babies, horses can stand from the time they're born. If they couldn't, they wouldn't survive, because they wouldn't be able to nurse. So they're up and about with their mothers learning the ropes right from the start. Foals are beautiful and intelligent creatures. Some of the special moments from one foal's life were captured on YouTube about six years ago.

An Enduring Friendship

In the video, a young girl in a brightly-colored coat gets to meet the horse for the first time. At first, they're each curious about the other. Then they make eye contact. She says hi to the mother, ensuring that she was comfortable with her around the babies.

After assessing each other for a moment, they come to a sort of understanding. Soon, they're great friends. The horse even rolls around on the ground, exposing its belly as a dog would. It's clear that they're very comfortable with each other. They're already clowning around together.

At four days old, the foal was already about the same height as a girl who looks to be about six or seven-years-old. That similarity in size is probably a big part of why they became friends so quickly. They both realized they were looking at another child. Of course, it won't be that way forever. Soon, the foal will be towering over her!

When this story was posted to YouTube, people were amazed by the way these two children connected. People love to see kids doing healthy things and making good connections. Even if they're not human young. They even complimented the mare for raising a foal with such great manners!

One commenter wrote, "It is extremely rare that both foals are healthy and at a normal weight. Normally one does and the other survives or dies. But this is an awesome rarity." This is supported by Kentucky Equine Research that says horses are not designed to nourish two fetuses and produce viable twin foals. Double pregnancies put the mare and both foals at risk, and good outcomes are rare.

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