Small Changes Around The House Can Help With Parenting Tasks

Sep 11, 2019 by apost team

Nobody ever said that being a parent is easy. Fortunately, there are a host of hacks that parents can use to make life a little more simpler. Here are seven of the best parenting hacks that you can employ today:

Baby Crib Desk:

Do not just let that old baby crib go to waste. You can remove the mattress and turn the crib platform into an inventive desk or play space. The crib railings even make an ideal place to install hooks or to add built-in shelving for your child's new desk.

Pool Noodle Bed Rail:

A pool noodle under a fitted sheet makes a great way to keep your child safely tucked in at night. Simply put the noodle under the sheet to keep it in place. This makes an excellent bed rail at nearly no cost to you.

Bathtub Caddy:

Any experienced parent knows the frustration of errant bath toys floating away in the water. You can keep your young child and all of their toys confined in one place by placing a laundry basket into the tub. Not only will your child be better supported, but they will also be able to easily reach all of their bath toys.

Popsicle Drip Protector:

An empty cupcake liner placed at the bottom of a popsicle keeps messy drips at bay and your child's hands clean.

Child Hammock:

Make indoor play fun with a creative hammock. Simply hang a thick sheet under a sturdy table for some creative playtime.

Car Caddy:

A shoe organizer hung over the back of the front seat makes the perfect car organizer. You can fill the shoe holders with a variety of car games, crafts, toys, and snacks to keep your child entertained on road trips. Best of all, its location will make everything easily accessible to your child.

Art Case:

Empty DVD cases also make great art organizers. Slide some paper on one end and then fashion a place to put your colored pencils, crayons, or markers on the other side. Your child will adore this portable traveling art case.

These hacks are just too good to keep to yourself. After you have checked them out, be sure to spread these tips to every other parent that you know. Make life a little easier for everyone else with these hacks!