Slick Swing Couple Send Buzz Through Crowd Scoring Internet Fame

Jun 09, 2021 by apost team

Dancing is a wonderful art form no matter the style of dancing that's going on. Whether it's a slow waltz between two partners or a modern interpretive solo style, the art form of dance is all about the expression of the body through music. 

It's also an art form that doesn't require someone to be a professional to enjoy the experience — even a novice dancer can have a great time if they just allow themselves to feel the music, let go of their inhibitions and just have fun.

One form of dance that showcases pure joy and excitement is swing dancing, which is performed alongside jazz music and which rose to popularity between the 1920s and '40s. It's not as popular with young people today, but some fans are still keeping the spirit alive — be it through swing dance clubs or local competitions. What's more, the people who compete in these competitions often get dressed up in clothes that were popular during the swing era, making for a really fun overall experience as no small detail is overlooked.

One couple from Sweden, Nils Andren and Bianca Locatelli, is a swing dancing duo like no other. With their own following on social media, the duo has nailed swing dancing, and their skill level makes it look easy and effortless.

One particular dance they did is the boogie-woogie, which they posted a video of to their shared YouTube channel where it took the internet by storm. Garnering over 2.2 million views since it was uploaded in February 2021, the dance is a pure delight to watch and flawlessly shows off the duo's swing dancing skills. 

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Even before they've started their performance, Nils Andren and Bianca Locatelli look ready to swing, as they're dressed up in clothes from the jazz age. Andren looks dapper in his beige suit and bowtie, while Locatelli is wearing a flowy skirt and prim blouse. Meanwhile, both of them are sporting slick hairdos reminiscent of the era.

Once the music gets going, it's clear that these two are no amateurs — they're the real deal! Within seconds of the song starting, they're moving their feet in such a fast-paced way that would cause a novice to surely get their limbs all mixed up. But not Andren and Locatelli — they're moving with such ease that it's clear this isn't their first rodeo. What's more, judging from their facial expressions and mannerisms, they're having a great time together, and their fun is simply radiating to the crowd.

As the music goes on, their fancy footwork evolves into fast spins and a lot of moving around. What's most enjoyable about watching their performance is that beyond their high level of skill, they've infused their routine with a level of comedy that makes it more than just a simple dance routine — this is a real performance with ups and downs.

The couple clearly won the hearts of the crowd at the Swedish competition they took part in that day, but ever since posting their performance to their shared YouTube channel, Andren and Locatelli have also won the hearts of the internet. Posted on Feb. 26, their video has amassed over 2.2 million views already!

Captioning the video, the couple wrote:

"A memory from a cozy Swedish competition (Arlabuggen)! Looking forward to be competing again! ❤️"

We can only imagine how eager they are to get back on the dancefloor! Andren and Locatelli are both professional dancers and they shared their backstory on their YouTube page. Hailing from Sweden and Italy respectively, the couple each started dancing as children in their home countries in different styles of dance. After becoming captivated by swing dancing and the accompanying music, it became each of their biggest passions. After crossing paths later in their lives, Locatelli moved to Sweden and the couple started dancing together.

Calling themselves "Lindy Hop and boogie-woogie performers, choreographers and instructors," Andren and Locatelli's skills are on full display on their channel. The videos they upload include competition performances, online classes and even just them dancing in various locations. They even have a dedicated following of nearly 60,000 subscribers. And while their boogie-woogie performance is their most viewed, they have multiple videos that have reached over 1 million views.

All in all, Andren and Locatelli are the real deal. Not only are they professionals who execute their routines with precision and a whole lot of love, but they're also sharing their talents with the world. One commenter said it best when he wrote on their boogie-woogie video:

"Nils and Bianca...putting smiles on people's faces everywhere in the world!"

It's such a joy to watch people having fun dancing, and Andren and Locatelli are absolutely pros at that.

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