Skinny Dog Gets Left Alone In Shelter’s Parking Lot With A Heartbreaking Note From Owner

Mar 07, 2019 by apost team

Most of us, if we are lucky- know the feeling of security and a sense of what home is. There are some who are not as fortunate. In early 2019, unfortunate circumstances would play out for a mixed-terrier puppy named Sky.

At just six years old, life as she knew it would change forever, and uncertainty would be waiting for her. Sometimes people cannot provide for others and must turn to someone else for help.

Sky was found abandoned, twenty pounds underweight, and her bones were showing through her fur in the parking lot of a shelter that goes by the name of Delaware Humane Association. Employees of the shelter found her with a handwritten note by Sky's former owner.

The note contained the details of why this six-year-old pup was abandoned there. What came next, will require a box of tissue. The note explained how the owner begged the employees to take Sky in, care for her, feed her, and find her a home.

"Please find her a home. Please."

The note explained the pups age, and that she was a friendly dog. The owner also went on to say that they had become homeless and could no longer feed her. The owner mentioned that Sky was not ill but just needed some food, but her physical condition suggested otherwise.

Recently, Sky's owner has come forward with more details about their story. Sky's former owner opened up about how he and his wife had lost their sources of income and had a family of multiple children to raise.

Sky no longer could be taken care of and they had hoped the shelter could give her a better chance at life.

You can read further about this story at Delaware Online.

Do not fret though; there is a happy ending for Sky after all. That wasn't the end for Sky. Sky gained an excellent amount of healthy weight, and her beautiful personality resurfaced.

Not only that, but she was also adopted into a wonderful family and she will never have to be worried about being abandoned again.

Are you able and willing to rescue an abandoned pup like Sky? If you are please do not hesitate to look up your local shelter today and rescue your own Sky. What are your thoughts about what you've read about today? Let us know in the comments below!