Skater Is Motionless – Once Music Starts Playing “Hallelujah”, Room Is Brought To Tears

Aug 08, 2020 by apost team

Many of us cannot even stand up on the ice in skates let alone skate around properly. However, Taryn Jurgensen is a different story altogether. Her life has revolved around the ice since she was a young child. She is amazingly talented on the ice, day in and day out.

She is on top of her game in this video for sure. She shakes off her nerves and skates out onto the ice, waiting for the song she has practiced to for so long to begin. Before we see her beautiful performance, did you know that the actual sport of ice skating wasn’t developed until the mid-19th century?

Yes, many people have skated on frozen lakes and ponds for centuries, but it really didn’t take off as a sport until then. Not only that, the style of skating was pretty boring until Jackson Haines stepped out on the ice in 1862. He was considered the “father” of all modern figure skating, as he realized that ice skating should include beautiful, fluid movements.

In the 1890s, the International Skating Union was created after news spread of his revolutionary style. The sport of ice skating has since taken off. It has gained massive popularity all around the world and is one of the most watched Olympic events

The incredible feeling of being free on the ice, as well as the excitement of performing, is what led Taryn to the Los Angeles Showcase. Taryn showed off her incredible skill when she skated to “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke. You won’t believe how beautifully she can dance and skate.

Taryn pulled off every jump and twirl flawlessly. She is amazingly good at what she does on the ice. This routine is the one that won her the Funakoshi Trophy. We can certainly see why!

The judges were awestruck at so many things when they saw her on the ice. She has an elegance and poise that is mesmerizing to watch. Her skills on the ice are truly perfection in motion. This video alone has gathered millions of views to date and counting!

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