Sizzling Dance Takes Crowd's Breath Away - Just Wait Until This Handsome Man Pulls His Partner In

Nov 19, 2018 by apost team

Jessica Cox and Sean McKeever are experienced swing dancers that have decades of dancing under their belts. These professional dancers have practiced rigorously for years in order to reach their level of ability. They can certainly move in ways that many of us couldn't even imagine. Although McKeever and Cox dance great on their own, there is something magical about seeing these two dance together.

Both dancers attended a Presidents' day weekend convention in Sacramento, California held by the Capital Swing Dancers. McKeever and Cox put their dancing ability on display for fellow dancers, fans and judges to see. Other talented dancers came from all around the country to participate in this competition.

Everyone was competing for the glamorous first-place trophy. Each couple had been preparing a routine for months for this very competition. However, McKeever and Cox had something prepared with which no couple could compete.

The roots of swing dancing can be traced back to the 1920s in the suburbs of New York City. According to the Swing Dance Company, the district of Harlem in New York City was experiencing an evolution of jazz music. This new sound eventually inspired a new dance that was called lindy hop.

This style of dance was inspired by the Charleston, foxtrot and other popular dances at the time. All of this was fueled by this period of time in New York City known as the Roaring 20s.

The lindy hop dance was intricate and fast in order to match the speed of the jazz music being played by the bands at the time. Over time, the music started slowing down and the dance evolved to match the style of music being played.

Throughout the following three decades, the lindy hop went through a series of name changes including the jitterbug, the rock n' roll, the woogie and more.

Swing remained as one of the most popular dance styles until the 1980s as other styles started to gain more traction and popularity. Fortunately, the dancing trends came full-circle and swing is popular once again. There are countless swing competitions around the country where thousands of dancers compete to win a trophy.

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