Sixty-Year-Old Takes Plethora Of Wild Racoons Under His Wing

Jul 05, 2020 by apost team

We all have interesting stories behind how we met our closest friends. We have remained friends with some people because they help us to connect with something that happened to us in the past. Others have remained close because they are an important part of our history or are a part of memories that we hold dear. But when those friends are a bunch of wild animals, then their story is more than your ordinary everyday story. Like in a fairy tale, one 60-year-old man has broken the internet after posting video clips of himself with a plethora of wild raccoons.

Apparently, he spends an average of 8 hours each day with the critters in his backyard. They are his closest companions. In fact, they report to his backyard each morning without fail, and he gladly welcomes them. To him, they represent a precious memory that he is not ready to let go, at least not just yet.

You see, the raccoons have been coming to his home for years, but he did not take an interest in them until something tragic happened in 2003. As CBC points out, his wife had been hosting and feeding the bunch of raccoons for a number of years, but Jim Blackwood never took an interest. Then, in 2003, his wife breathed her last after a long battle with cancer.

Jim needed to hold on to the precious memories of his wife, and the raccoons were part of that memory. When he adopted them, the little creatures struck a chord with him in a way he had never imagined. Today, they are his family. He feeds them and spends considerable amounts of time with them in memory of his wife. With time, Jim found out that the critters were also great companions for him.

Jim is a retiree of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force. As such, he often finds himself with so much time in his hands that he knows not what to do with. Luckily, the raccoons fill up this vacuum. For the raccoons, the delicacies that Jim feeds them ensure they keep coming back. After all, it is common to find him making Vienna sausages and hamburgers for his critter friends.

You will be delighted to watch Jim and his bunch of critters. They are so cute, and they will definitely warm your heart. It is always charming to watch wild animals, but these ones make it more adorable. In his last video, Jim confessed that he sometimes feeds more than 15 raccoons each day. He is heard in the video explaining that the previous night, 17 of these mischievous critters were his guests at dinner.

Feeding wild animals is fulfilling. We love doing it whenever we visit them in parks and animal orphanages. They too love the snack, fruits, sweets, and delicacies that they receive from their human friends. You must be in luck if you have a chance to feed and spend time with them each day. 

Watching this video, you won't fail to notice how closely the man and his raccoon friends seem to have bonded. Moreover, note how patient and kind Jim is no matter how naughty his raccoon friends are. Undoubtedly, your friends will also love the story and video. Notify them so that they too can watch this adorable team.

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