Six-Year-Old Girl Plays Flawless Fingerpicking Sinatra Cover

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

This little princess will take your breath away. Everything about her is amazing. She plays the guitar, she sings and also attempts to show off some dance moves — talented, right? Adorable could be her second name.

The performer in question is Zhou Zhaoyan, a 6-year-old girl from China who is perhaps better known by her YouTube username, Miumiu Guitargirl. Zhaoyan shocked viewers around the globe with her 2020 cover of Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon.

She goes by the name Zhou Zhaoyan, but she’s popularly known as Miumiu, her stage (online) name. Surprisingly she is only 6 years of age as of July 2020, though she will turn 7 this August. The popular song, which was originally given the title In Other Words, was produced in 1954, according to Song Facts. It had gone through a couple of revisions before Frank Sinatra added it on his It Might As well Be Swing 1964 album.

Miumiu, who is a little angel, became famous ever since she began playing online. Through her singing, she manages to take away anxiety, which comes with the current pandemic. Since the pandemic, Zhou Zhaoyan has been giving heart-warming performances.

Flown to the Moon

Zhou has around 80,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 240,000 YouTube subscribers. This particular video of her singing while playing the guitar has been shared more than a million times in a single month.

The song, which is well known to children of the new generation, was a hit and was played on the Apollo 10 mission that orbited the moon, according to Song Facts. It was played on a TC-50 Sony cassette player. The song was also played before the first landing on the moon on Apollo 11. The song was flown to the moon.

Practice Makes Perfect

The little girl’s videos gained momentum during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic back in March 2020. With the lockdown, the environment is proving to be stressful. Miumiu decided to make use of this time to practice her talent. She practices for five-to-six hours a day, according to, and there is always a price to pay for it, as you can see in this photo.

Her father is a guitar teacher. He notes that he uses all of his spare time to help Miumiu with her music practice. They both deserve some praise. The results portrayed online to expose their hard work. It is obvious that Miumiu enjoys music, and she has quite impressive skills for a 6-year-old.

Artists from around the world are motivated by her videos and are motivated to join her performances online. One Italian Musician by the name Bruno Zuchetti went ahead and sent an email to Miumiu’s mother.

He attached a video of him and three other fellow Italian musicians singing along to Miumiu’s performance. Isn’t it incredibly amazing how music brings us all close in such times of need?

One simple song brings different countries and generations together. Miumiu is instrumental in this worldly achievement. Ever since her video was posted, it has earned more than 307,000 reactions. Thousands of people have liked the video, and the comments section is mind-blowing. Miumiu’s Instagram page and YouTube channel are also packed with fans showering her talent with praises.

The little girl has a promising future full of unimaginable and endless possibilities. Most of her fans wish that the young talent will enjoy her childhood and the rest of her life. May she succeed in all endeavors. Her online friends enjoy and love what she does, and they would love to see more of her songs and guitar performances.

Miumiu is an encouragement to children all over the world and even older people. She sets an example of how children can manage their time well during this pandemic. Singing, dancing, writing, drawing, playing musical instruments, and many other activities will go a long way in ensuring that time is not wasted during the lockdown period.

Won’t it be nice to let other people know about Miumiu? What do you think? Let’s keep her trending and encourage her and other children more.