Six Reasons Why Your Married Man Might Be Cheating On You Which Will Make You More Observant

Apr 06, 2018 by apost team

The difference between men and women is vast. This is especially true when it comes to relationships. When men cheat, many women have no idea what happened between them that caused their loved one to stray. Read on for some of the more common reasons that men cheat.

#1 He is Looking for Friendship

Some women start to constantly nag on their husbands after they have been married for awhile. Men may start looking for female companions who don’t judge them and who try to understand what they are going through. They want a woman who can accept them for who they are.

#2 Men Love to Play

Men can be childlike at times and they don’t always want to accept the responsibilities of marriage. They may long for a time when they weren’t tied down and they look for women who can be spontaneous with them again. 

#3 He Likes Independent Women

Many men love women who can take care of themselves. They do not wish to be with someone who is dependent on them all the time for everything.

#4 He Wants a Woman Who is Happy

If a man feels as if he can no longer make you happy, he may look for a woman he CAN make happy. Most men do want their partner to feel satisfied in their relationship.

#5 He is Seeking Something That You Do Not Have

Yes, this is shallow but true. If you stop taking care of yourself after you are married, he may start to look for a woman he finds more attractive.

#6 He Dislikes Tears

Many men don’t know how to respond to tears. They don’t know what to do or say so they decide to look for someone else instead of face the problems in the marriage. 

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