Six Beautiful Sisters Perform Heartwarming Rendition Of "Mary, Did You Know?" In Acapella Cover

Nov 24, 2022 by apost team

There are some songs that combine a catchy tune with nice lyrics in such a way that they instantly become a classic. One such song is "Mary, Did You Know?" which was first performed in 1984 as part of a Christmas play. It has since been covered by a wide range of performers, from country singers to the well-known acappella band Pentatonix.

One particular cover of the song has caught a lot of attention on the internet and was first published in 2020. In a simple but gripping music video, six sisters give the Christmas classic their own special twist. The sisters, who call their group Cimorelli, already have a big following on the internet, with more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube and several albums published under their name.

They have a very big audience for all of their uploads, but this performance is especially a hit during the winter time of the year.

Singing groups are always a crowd favorite, but this group steps it up a notch because they are all sisters. Ever since the six young ladies were children, they have been known as a choir of angels. After you hear them perform, you'll realize that they deserve this reputation.

The group sings acapella, which means they have no instrumental accompaniment. This allows the quality of the individual voices to shine through more effectively. And it's no wonder these talented women can shine so effectively since musical talent was passed down from their mother, who is a classically trained pianist and passed on her love of music to her daughters.

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Their talents are well utilized and have resulted in a thriving musical career for all of these ladies.

This classic Christmas song they covered in this video is an important one that tells the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The lyrics were written in 1984 by Mark Lowry, and Buddy Greene composed music for the song in 1991 and released it to great acclaim, according to Forest Baptist Church

The song has been performed by many celebrities and has seen a variety of different arrangements. Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd are among the well-known artists who have performed the song and given inspiration to younger or not-as-famous aspiring artists.

According to their website, the six sisters are between the ages of 19 and 29 in this video, and initially grew up in Northern California in a traditional Christian family. Their mother would share music with her daughters by playing the piano for them when they were growing up and taught them to sing herself. The group now lives in Nashville, and their passion for music still continues.

According to the groups' bio on their website, when they began performing, their success was not immediate. This changed after one of their YouTube uploads went viral, and they achieved a bit of fame on the internet. It was enough to allow the group to live off their music income and catch the eye of a music label that soon offered a contract to the overjoyed sisters.

The song is dear to the sisters because faith is an important part of their lives. Other songs that the group is known for is their cover of "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran and other classic Christian songs and Hymns. The group also performs some song originals that were written to showcase their particular vocal strengths.

Sadly, shortly after the video of "Mary, Did You Know?" was posted, one of the six sisters announced her retirement from the group as she wanted to focus on different things. The remaining five sisters still perform as Cimorelli and continue to spread joy among their fans.

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