Six Amazing Personality Traits of People Who Like to Be Alone

Aug 08, 2017 by apost team

Six Amazing Personality Traits of People Who Like to Be AlonePeople Who Spend Lots of Time Alone Share These Six Incredible TraitsSix Incredible Personality Traits That Make Introverts Amazing PeopleModern society is very good at putting labels on people, and the idea of introvert or extrovert seems to be one of our favorite labels. The internet is filled with comics, memes and jokes supposedly depicting the struggles of introverts, and it now seems that anyone who enjoys spending time alone constantly needs to justify this to both themselves and others. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. No matter what society may try to tell you, catching a movie on your own or dining out alone is a perfectly normal and in fact healthy thing to do. Whatever social stigma introverts may have placed on them, the real truth is that people who like to spend time alone actually have many fantastic qualities. 1. They’re Comfortable With ThemselvesThis one is probably obvious—spending lots of time on your own means spending lots of time alone with your thoughts. For this reason, it's safe to assume that the vast majority of introverts don't suffer from the constant internal struggle that plagues so many others and drives them to seek distraction from their thoughts in the form of other people. Anyone who likes to spend time on their own tends to be far more comfortable with themselves and have a clearer conscience. Even introverts can feel sad or depressed, but they tend to be far better at picking themselves up.2. They Know What Time Is WorthPersonal time is something that is extremely important to introvert, which helps to explain why they'd often rather stay home alone than go out and party at a wild nightclub or join their friends at that killer music festival. People who like to spend their time alone tend to have a much more well-defined idea of the value of time. They know what their own time is worth and also the value of other people's time, which means that they tend to avoid time-wasting activities and people. At the same time, it also means that they also tend to be extremely conscious about not wasting other's time. 3. They Are Far More Open To New Experiences Than You'd ThinkPeople who treasure their alone time often get labeled as boring for not wanting to constantly go out with their friends. In this sense, while introverts might not want to go night clubs and wild parties, it doesn't mean that they're not open to new experiences. Again, it all has to do with what they find to be a good use of their time. They might not think clubbing is worth their time, but trying something new, exciting and different is never a waste of time. 4. They're Good At Staying Calm And LevelSpending a lot of time on your own allows a person plenty of time for relaxation and quiet contemplation. Introverts tend to focus a lot on their own problems and complex personal and work issues, which generally allows them to have a better overview of their own self and situation. This directly translates to a stronger sense of self-confidence and also the ability to know exactly how to unwind and eliminate stress.5. They Have Clearly Defined BoundariesPeople who spend a lot of time alone tend to know exactly what they want and what to do to achieve it. Anyone who has a friend that cherishes their alone time is surely aware of this after continually pressing them to go out with no luck. Spending time on your own allows a person to understand themselves, their needs and what works best for them. This means that they tend to have clearly defined boundaries and are usually unafraid about enforcing them. Still, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as clearly communicating one's boundaries is the best way to ensure healthy personal relationships.6. They'll Always Be There For Their True FriendsThe fact that a person spends much of their time alone generally means that they're not interested in having a huge circle of friends. Instead, they tend to form much stronger bonds with just a few close friends. Loyalty and trustworthiness are extremely important, which means you can be assured that your friend who likes to spend lots of time alone will always be there for you and won't betray your trust.Everyone is uniquely different and special in their own way. Just because someone won't come out every time you call doesn't mean that their not your friend. It just means that they know what they want and what makes them truly happy. Furthermore, based on all of their unique qualities, it also means that they might actually be your best friend.