Single Mum Astonished To Find Out Her Adopted Children Are Siblings By Blood

Sep 12, 2021 by apost team

No one grows up thinking that they are one day going to be a single parent. If anything, children dream of falling in love with prince charming or the perfect woman. But oftentimes, life doesn’t work out how we want it to.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Colorado resident Katie Page in her thirties. Instead of continuing her relationship with her husband, she filed for divorce. The end of Page’s marriage didn’t spell the end of her happiness, however. In fact, Page’s divorce ushered in a new and exciting chapter into the 30-something’s life.

Page purchased a new Colorado home, started a new career and applied to be a foster mother in 2015. She had always had problems with fertility, and so fostering and adopting children was the perfect solution. So when Page received a call about a 4-day-old boy who’d been abandoned at a nearby hospital in 2016, she jumped at the opportunity to foster — and perhaps adopt — the newborn child. Foster care, which is also known as out-of-home care, is in place to ensure that children have a family and place to live no matter their circumstances. While the arrangements are often temporary, sometimes foster parents eventually adopt the children whom they raise.

Initially, Page took the 4-day-old baby in as her foster child, naming him Grayson. A little less than a year later, a judge terminated the parental rights of Grayson's parents, and she was finally able to adopt the boy on May 25, 2017, when he was eleven months old. From everything Page has said about Grayson, it seems that she loved her new life as a mother, and so she also planned to adopt a second child when the time was right.

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Despite the fact that care workers tried to find Grayson’s biological parents, as The Sun reported, no one ever emerged to claim the child.

“No one answered the ad posted in the newspaper or came back to the hospital in search of the boy,” Page told the paper in 2019.

“Part of me was relieved that no one came forward, so that he would be mine forever with no opposition,” Page added. “But there was always a pit in my stomach about one day having to tell my son no one showed up at his termination hearing.”

Out of the blue, Page received a call of another sort, however. In June, just a month after Grayson’s adoption, the hospital phoned Page to tell her about another baby who needed a home — a newborn girl named Hannah, as Good Morning America (GMA) reported in 2019. But Hannah was no ordinary girl, and this is no ordinary story of motherhood.

"(The caseworkers) told me her story, which was really similar to Grayson's," Page told GMA. "I saw her medical bracelet and the first name of her mother was the same name as Grayson's mom. She didn't have a typical name."

The entire situation was even murkier given that Grayson’s biological mother had lied about the child’s last name and birthdate when she left the boy at the hospital, according to GMA. Furthermore, The Sun reported that Page was actually able to find Hannah and Grayson’s biological mother, speaking to the woman directly for the first time.

During their meeting, Page learned not only that this woman was pregnant again, but that Hannah and Grayson were indeed siblings. But there was only one sure way to solve the mystery and find out whether the two were related — a DNA test.

"It was as surreal as you could imagine," Ashley Chapa, Page’s roommate at the time, told GMA. "Katie got her binder out from her paperwork with Grayson and we realized, same first name — everything. I've always thought she was a superwoman, but I think she is more now."

In 2018, as GMA reports, a DNA test confirmed that Hannah and Grayson were siblings, as their biological mother had claimed. A few months later, Page adopted Hannah, officially and legally reuniting the siblings — who would have otherwise been separated in the foster care system — under the same roof. But Page’s story of motherhood has even more twists and turns.

Just over a year after Hannah’s birth, the child’s biological mom had another baby boy, Jackson. And yet again, Page took the child in as a foster mother with the intention of eventually adopting the child, as The Sun reports.

"(With Jackson) she gave false information again and he was going to go with another foster family until the caseworker stepped in," Page told GMA. "When Jackson came along I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings that he identifies and feels connected to."

In a July 2020 update, GMA reported that Page was finally able to adopt Jackson that June. 

The adoption proceedings took place over video call with thirty loved ones and family members in virtual attendance, including Kaci and Dustin Whitney, who are the adoptive parents of Grayson, Hannah, and Jackson’s older biological siblings, Taylor and EadyGrace. Yes, you read that right. It turns out that Grayson, Hannah, and Jackson have two more biological siblings.

"We did not know about Grayson until we were told it was too late and he had already been adopted. There was not much information on him," Kaci told GMA in July 2020. "We kind of had a feeling, an intuition, that (they) had siblings. We had found out about Grayson and Hannah the same day."

Although the family isn’t completely together, it seems clear that both Page and the Whitneys have provided kind and loving homes for these five children who were otherwise abandoned by their biological parents. But despite all the joy that comes along with parenthood, Page admits that she has her hands full with the three young kids and little additional help.

"I was a single woman in a four-bedroom house and now every room in my house is full," Page told GMA. “It's never dull. People ask me all the time, 'How do you do it?' I never thought I'd have three babies, but God doesn't give you more than you can handle."

Readers interested in Page’s fascinating story can check out her YouTube channel, where the mother posts video blogs on a regular basis, or her blog Wood + Grace. In one of her videos, Page answers viewers’ questions regarding her dating life, her daily routines, and the best car seats.

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