Single Mother Adopts Abandoned Infant Girl, Not Knowing She's The Biological Sister Of Her Adopted Son

Aug 23, 2019

Katie Page never grew up thinking she would one day become a single mother. But that is exactly what happened when she parted ways with her husband in her early thirties. However, Katie was determined she would not be depressed over the state of events.

Katie purchased a new Colorado home, started a new career, and became a foster mother. She had always had problems with fertility but knew she would adopt children one day. In 2016, a four-day-old boy was dropped left at a local hospital. The plight of the nameless infant changed the course of Katie's life.

Katie took the baby in as her foster child. She named him Grayson. A little less than a year later a judge terminated the parental rights of Grayson's parents. She was finally able to adopt Grayson when he was eleven months old, reports The SunKatie loved the life she had with Grayson. She also planned to adopt a second child when the time was right. A phone call from a social worker accelerated the clock for Katie.

A second newborn had been abandoned at the same hospital where Grayson was found. This time the infant was a girl. Katie says her mind raced for a full ten minutes and she began to call all her friends and family. She says something inside her told her she had to say 'yes' to the new addition to her family.

It was only a matter of hours before Hannah was in Katie's home. Katie looked at Hannah's hospital bracelet while holding the child and her mouth fell open with amazement. The name of the mother listed on Hannah's bracelet was the same as Grayson's. The mother's birthday was also the same. Katie believed Hannah was Grayson's younger sister.

Katie wanted to be sure. It took some time to track down Hannah's mother but it was worth the effort. She confirmed she had given birth to a baby boy about a year before Hannah was born. Katie went a step further and had DNA tests done on the children. They are indeed half-siblings.

Katie is happy she listened to the voice inside of her telling her to bring Hannah home. She is proud to have the siblings together under her roof and raise them as her children.

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