Single Mom Friends Move In Together To Raise Their Kids Under The Same Roof

Nov 24, 2022 by apost team

It’s every parent’s dream to raise their child in a home where they can truly be happy. While some might equate happiness to raising children with both parents around to take care of them, some situations make it impossible to do so. Then again, that shouldn’t stop any parent from giving their child the best possible kind of life. Take it from two best friends who are both single moms that decided to raise their children under one roof.
When people encounter problems, the first person they usually run to is their best friend. After all, who’s the best person to go to than the one person who listens to your silliest rants in life to the most mundane dramas – one of the few people you trust, aka one’s best friend! Sometimes, people even move into homes together with their best friends because they are simply inseparable. To put it simply, it’s like being siblings but with different parents. That’s what Samantha Best and Lauren Robinson’s friendship is like.
Best and Robinson met on Instagram in 2018, but their friendship transcended from their phone screens to real life.
When Best and her partner broke up in April 2021, she moved from New Plymouth to Auckland to live with Robinson. But she didn’t go there alone. She also brought her four-year-old son Kaelin with her. Robinson herself has a five-year-old daughter named Haidyn, so being around children wasn’t a problem at all. And with both of them having no partners, they stood as parents for each other’s children.
While Best admitted she moved to Auckland for better opportunities, her life became so much easier when she made the decision to live there because they can rely on each other whenever one or the other is busy.

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“It’s so much easier living with Lauren. We’ve been able to split our finances and we are able to help each other with childcare if one of us is busy the other can pick them both up from school, or if either of us need to go out the other can watch the two children,” she told Metro in an interview.

Plus, their children found siblings in each other – bringing a whole different level of fun to their co-parenting setup.

“I live with my best friend and Kaelin and Haidyn have a sibling figure for each other,” she said.

“He tries to do a lot of mature things and copies Haidyn. He learnt how to ride a bike by watching her do it as well as eating at the table. He definitely looks up to her,” she remarked.

If there’s one thing Best wants people to know about living with their best friend – it’s that it’s fun, and it’s something single moms should go for if they want to give their children better lives.

“I hope I can inspire other people to do this and live with their friend if they are both single parents. It would help to give single mums a better life,” she said.

Meanwhile, Best made it clear that she and Robinson are in a relationship contrary to what other people think.

“People always think we’re together in a relationship. It’s always questioned, but we definitely aren’t. Neither of us is looking to date anyone either,” she said.

Best and Robinson probably have one of the most unusual co-parenting setups, but it’s definitely a goal – especially for people who are looking for partners to raise their children alongside someone they can trust!

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