Single Dad Couldn’t Do His 2-Year-Old Daughters Hair–Goes To Beauty School

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

When you're a single parent, you have to figure out the best way to meet your child's needs and keep your home and job chugging along. When Greg Wickherst of Pueblo, Colorado, wanted to do more for his daughter Izzy's hair than just trimming her bangs, he went back to school.

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Izzy is a girly-girl. She likes dressing up, earrings, and looking great. She also loves time with her dad. Greg Wickherst, who works at a local college, got tired of just trimming her bangs and not knowing what else to do, so he went to the cosmetology department of his school and asked for help.

According to Insider, Wickherst dedicated his lunch hours to the cosmetology students and gave him a crash course in little girl buns, braids, ringlets, multi-step ponytails, and temporary color.

He's now started sharing images of his daughter on Instagram as The Hair Dad. He also has a YouTube channel and a website. Detailed tutorials and how-to videos show Izzy and Dad working out the next project, how the design will work, the steps, and the end result. As you can see in the photos on Instagram, Izzy loves every step.

Izzy's hair projects offer the adorable little girl and her dad creative time together. Design ideas come from both of them, and Wickherst is happy to go back to his training troupe for new ideas and updates to existing styles. From a simple bun to an elaborate braiding job, this duo does design right!

From washing to combing to styling to photo, Izzy and her dad are collaborators in her journey from bangs and confusion to beautiful braids with flowers.

Every parent has to define how much time they can give their child. We all have work to do and things to take care of throughout the day. However, hair really mattered to Izzy, so Wickherst found a way for her hair to be their focus, and the results are astonishing. Luckily, Wickherst shaves his head, so all the family hair time can go to Izzy.

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