Singing Mother-Son Duo Rise To The Occasion With Inspiring Version Of Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

With everything being so scary and our lives changing so much all the time, it is sometimes hard to understand that the world will go on and we will rise up.

Jordan Rabjohn, a singer known for his appearance on the X-Factor, understands that feeling. In an effort to combat the feelings of hopelessness and despair many feel, Rabjohn decided to collaborate with his mother to record a cover of Andra Day's hit 2015 single Rise Up this spring.

A Song Meant for Today's Worl

The song, Rise Up, came to prominence in 2015, winning a Grammy nomination that year. This tune was released on Andra Day's debut album and became a hit that captured the attention, emotions, and imagination of many listeners around the world.

It quickly became popular with folks who associated it with finding the power within and as a message to not give up hope for social causes all over the globe.

Jordan Rabjohn Gets the World's Attention

Jordan Rabjohn is probably best known for competing on the singing show X-Factor. On this show, Rabjohn captured the hearts of many viewers for his unique fashion and playful presence. He performed with maracas and sang his own quirky, original material.

He never made it past the Boot Camp portion of the show, but he definitely impressed many people with his powerful and versatile voice. Whenever he was complimented on his voice, Rabjohn would often remark that his mother, Katherine Hallam, actually had more vocal talent.

The Mother and Son Join Forces

Katherine and Jordan are certainly not new to combining their vocal talents. On Jordan's YouTube channel, viewers can find duets from the mother-son duo that cover such classic songs as, Whole New World, and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It is clear when you watch these videos that the pair share a great love of performing and each other. The stage was set for the two to perform their inspiring rendition of Rise Up.

When the song kicks off, listeners are treated to listening to Jordan's beautiful voice croon out the lyrics. He impresses with his smooth and flawless falsetto before Katherine jumps into the song. Katherine's vocal talent can be described as soulful and strong. Her heavy, melodious voice melds beautifully with Jordan's silky, light vocals. The two sing the song together, trading verses, and harmonizing to show the incredible handle of their vocal instruments.

Getting Their Message Across

As the song goes on, it is clear that Jordan and Katherine picked this duet for a reason. Sprinkled in through the performance, the duo holds up signs to relay a message to all the viewers of the video. "This goes out to anyone feeling blue during this difficult time," one sign reads. It is clear that Jordan and Katherine wanted to lift the spirits of anyone feeling down or depressed during the tough times are the world is currently experiencing.

There is also a little bit of humor as Jordan raises a sign stating that he misses his hairdresser. The performance by Jordan and Katherine reminds us that we will indeed rise up and eventually overcome this challenge. While times may appear dark, there will be light coming and we will experience good times once again. The mother-son duo, with their hope, talents, and playful nature, remind us that there is a lot of good in believing in the lyrics of this song.

Did the impressive vocal talents of Jordan Rabjohn and Katherine Hallam inspire you? How have you managed to keep your spirits up during these uncertain times? Pass this video to the people you know who may need an uplifting message, and let us know what you thought of this amazing duet between a mother and her son.