Singer Takes 'Country Roads' To New Heights With Thrilling Voice

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

Country Roads, a massive and legendary hit by the equally legendary John Denver, made the whole country smile in 1971. Like most timeless, classic songs, few people can tackle the tenor-rich ode to West Virginia and come out sounding like roses. Many have tried, few have succeeded, and not one of those past attempts made as many headlines as Jonathan Antoine's impassioned version, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel in 2020.

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Jonathan appeared on Britain's Got Talent in 2012. His group was called Jonathan and Charlotte and consisted of just those two folks. Jonathan and Charlotte went far on the show but were stopped shorting of winning and took the runner-up prize home, something that a very talented singer like Jonathan wasn't satisfied with. He refused to call it a day and continued his reach for the top.

Over the years since 2012, Jonathan's voice has struck a nerve with people from all walks of life. So when he decided to include Country Roads on his new album, it came as no surprise to anyone that people from all over the world began singing it during the coronavirus quarantine. In April 2020, Jonathan shared his video of Country Roads, and since then, it's been a worldwide sensation.

In April, most countries around the world were quarantining because of coronavirus. Jonathan felt like this was a great time to share his version of Country Roads with people all over the world. Country Roads as a song is very reminiscent of the home itself. It's an ode to "where I'm from," and it's beautiful, discussing the old life in West Virginia and the trees there, as well as the people who make a home feel like home.

Jonathan's video hit YouTube in April and has since gained over 1.7 million views. A true showman in every way, Jonathan humbly discussed precisely why he picked Country Roads for his album with Front View Magazine. His take was that the song meant a lot to him and why he felt it would fit in perfectly during a pandemic where people were mostly stuck in their own homes and unable to make contact with loved ones in an expressive way.

It has been more than 49 years since Country Roads was released, but it struck a nerve in 2020 like it never had before. People watched the video and felt sadness, but they also felt great joy in knowing that the normal home they'd known is still out there somewhere and able to be reached. A scene from the video captured the attitude in the country at the time.

It showed him singing in front of a large crowd. Jonathan Antoine's voice itself mirrors home to many people, and a simple shot of him singing in front of a crowd reminded us that so many people at that time couldn't join together in a crowd just to enjoy the simple pleasure of listening to a song from their favorite performer. It reminded us of the "home" that music really is and of Jonathan himself, who was also quarantining in April. 

As time goes by, more and more people watch Jonathan's video and connect with it. Someday when the quarantines are in the past and people are back to normal, they might watch this video again and remember a time when home was the only place we could go, and yet we were so far away from that beautiful "other home" we have: the world outside and all its beauty.

Now that quarantines around the world are slowly ending, and people are back outside again, it's nice to know that Jonathan Antoine is still out there, too, reminding us that home is good.

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