Singer Diana Ross Has Five Children In Total and She Is Deeply Proud Of Them

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

Though many musicians have achieved significant success over the past century, few are considered legends. Not many have the talent, charisma and drive to stand the test of time and become irrefutable icons.

Among that small handful of people is none other than Diana Ross. Diana began her music career well over half a century ago, taking the world by storm with her phenomenal voice. Even as a teenager, Diana showed she had that special something that only future stars seem to have.

Ever since she first started performing professionally with the Supremes in 1959 to when she branched out on her own in 1970, Diana has contributed an incredible amount of talent to the world of music. The 77-year-old is also an actress and has appeared in a number of major movies including "Mahogany" and "The Wiz." Today, she remains one of the most successful and influential divas of her time. 

But on top of her incredible career and legacy, Diana is also a proud mom of five. In fact, two years ago when Diana celebrated her 75th birthday, all of her children were present. After the bash, the superstar posted a photo of her and her kids to Instagram, where she spoke very highly of them.

Her five children are called Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Tracee Ellis Ross, Chudney Ross Silberstein, Ross Arne Naess and Evan Ross. And perhaps unsurprisingly, considering who their mother is, they have all chosen to work in entertainment. Rhonda, Tracee Ellis, Ross and Evan have all gone into either acting or music (or both!) while Chudney has become a producer. Let's meet them all. 

Her Five Children

Ross Naess, Tracee Ellis Ross, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Diana Ross, Evan Ross, Chudney Ross (2007), (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Diana's first child is Rhonda, who was born in 1971. Following in her famous mother's footsteps, Rhonda has pursued a career in music and acting. In fact, she even opened for her mother during her 2013 "In the Name of Love" tour. Since then, the duo has shared the stage together many times. Rhonda has a child of her own, Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, making Diana a grandmother!

Soon after Rhonda came Tracee Ellis in 1972. Famous for her role as Rainbow Johnson on "Black-ish," Tracee studied theater at Brown University and even modeled for a time before going down the acting path.

Following her came Chudney, who has eschewed the rest of her family's desires to be in the spotlight and has instead chosen a path behind the scenes as a film producer. But Chudney hasn't limited herself to show business, she's also a children's book author and the founder of a store-bakery-enrichment center named Books and Cookies. She also has two children of her own, Callaway and Everlee.

Diana's first son, aptly named Ross, was born in 1987. Ross also chose the path of Hollywood, where he works as an actor and producer. But he's also a dedicated family man after getting married in 2017 and having a son of his own. In fact, Diana not only officiated his wedding but also sang at the reception — it certainly comes in handy having your mom as one of Hollywood's biggest divas!

And last but not least is Evan, the baby of the bunch. Evan was born in 1988 but his younger age hasn't held him back, as he's already appeared in various films and released music of his own. He's married to fellow musician Ashlee Simpson and yep, Diana sang at their wedding too!

Their Fathers

Berry Gordy, Diana Ross (1985), (Ebet Roberts/Redferns/Getty images)

While Diana's children and her and incredibly close, many of them have different fathers. The songstress dated Berry Gordy, who fathered Diana's eldest child, Rhonda. She broke up with Gordy while two months pregnant with Robert Silberstein's child and went on to marry him. Together the couple had two children, Tracee Ellis and Chudney, before divorcing in 1977.

Diana then dated Gene Simmons, renowned guitarist and singer of Kiss, for three years. She is believed to have been instrumental in breaking up Simmons' relationship with Cher, although all parties involved have given contradictory stories about the break-up. 

After breaking up with him, Diana went on to marry Arne Naess, a Norwegian businessman involved in shipping. The couple had two sons together but divorced in 2000 after rumors surfaced that he had fathered a child with a different woman during their marriage. Naess died in 2004 in a mountain climbing accident.

In an Instagram post following Diana's 75th birthday in 2019, she shared a picture of all of her grown-up children and her with the caption:

"I have so much to be proud best examples are my children."

In addition to being proud of her children, Diana should be proud of her own accomplishments. Her work with the Supremes helped shape rock and roll and has had a strong influence on the development of modern music. She is also one of the distinguished few to have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — one for her solo career and the other for her achievements with the Supremes. 

Are you a fan of Diana Ross? Did you know she had so many children, each of whom is successful in their chosen professions? If you are inspired by this heart-warming tale of a very proud mom standing up and openly admitting it, then pass this on to your friends and family! 

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