Simple And Effective Way To Directly Relieve Worry and Anxiety

May 09, 2019 by apost team

The power of acupressure lies in opening blocked channels of energy and allowing your body to come back into balance.

While the energy that is unblocked in acupuncture needs to be managed by a skilled expert, with a little focus and some practice, you can perform the Spirit Gate acupressure release on yourself whenever worry or anxiety are getting to you.

Practitioners skilled in acupuncture and acupressure have a deep knowledge of the meridians or energy pathways in their body. When these pathways become restricted or blocked, your physical and mental energy cannot do the work it needs to do to help you focus, keep you productive and happy, and help you build a life you love.

To perform the Spirit Gate release, or Shen Men in Chinese, lay your hand, palm facing up, on your lap. Notice the crease at the wrist. The tendon of the little finger points the way to the Spirit Gate.

"This is one of the most calming points in the body. Very good for anxiety, very good for public speaking," the narrator claims.

Gently press in the hollow beside that tendon to open the bath between hand and heart and make space for energy to move from your heart into the world and from the world into your heart.

Hold this position for thirty seconds, inhaling and exhaling deeply as you maintain this pressure. This Gateway also frees up the tongue, making it an excellent tool to reduce anxiety before a speech and help anyone in a difficult conversation speak in a more gentle voice.

If you ever suffer from stress or anxiety, simple acupressure moves can be a great way to help you regain calm. Please let us know if you've tried this and what your results were. Also, if acupressure works for you, let the world know!

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