Simon Cowell’s ‘Dream’ Is For His Lookalike Son Eric To Follow In His Footsteps

Jun 01, 2023 by apost team

Entertainment mogul Simon Cowell is known for being one of the harshest and most critical judges on talent competition reality shows. He's a record executive, television personality and entrepreneur and has also used his platform for the betterment of others, engaging in philanthropic activities over the years. "The X Factor," "Britain’s Got Talent," "America's Got Talent" and "American Idol" are some of the most popular shows on Cowell's resume.

Cowell had always been surrounded by musical influences growing up, so it was no surprise when he entered the entertainment industry with a strong focus on the music business. He helped launch the careers of many musical artists and bands, many of which got their big break on his competition shows. The music mogul has played a hand in the business side of his own entertainment company, Syco Entertainment, and has also worked on the production side of many musical releases.

When he is not busy judging others on television or working with various musical artists, Cowell spends time with his family, which is made up of his fiancée Lauren Silverman and their adorable son Eric, who live together in their family home in Malibu, California. Although the happy couple is seen in a bright light now, the relationship started off with controversy since Silverman was married and Cowell was a close friend of the couple.

These days Cowell is a doting father to his son Eric. Despite the fact that Eric is only 9 years old, he has been a huge support and inspiration to his father. The young boy is growing up to look just like his father and may even be following in his footsteps too.

Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell (2019), (Ricky Vigil M/GC Images via Getty Images)

Cowell’s relationship started off with controversy as both he and his fiancée Silverman were in other relationships when they began an on-again, off-again affair with one another, as per Good Housekeeping. They came clean about this in 2013 when the American socialite became pregnant with Cowell’s child. The news became a massive scandal as Silverman was still technically married at the time, but her then-husband filed for divorce shortly after.

Amid all the high-profile drama, Silverman gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Eric, on Feb. 14, 2014.

According to Express, the first time Cowell saw his son, Eric, he said, "This is the most magical moment of my life." The news outlet also reported that a source close to Cowell revealed, "For once he was so happy he was speechless and he said he choked up completely as he ­cradled little Eric in his arms."

While appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Cowell said of his son:

“He's the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. I adore him."

People reported that following his accident in 2020, Cowell was worried about how his son would react to seeing him after surgery:

"I was so embarrassed about coming home looking about 100 (years old) because I couldn't walk, and I have these metal rods in my back and these screws. I said, 'Lauren, I just don't know how to explain it to (Eric).' She obviously said something to him because he came in … and I was lying in bed and he said, 'Daddy, you're like Ironman,' and I thought that was the sweetest thing and it meant a lot."

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman (2014), (Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Cowell loves his 9-year-old son, and during an interview with The Sun in October 2022, he revealed that becoming a dad taught him how to balance his work and home life. Cowell shared:

“Before Eric, my life was 99% work – I was obsessed with it. I got to that point where everything was about, ‘If you’re not rating against this then you’re a failure’ and I stopped enjoying what I was doing and I was miserable the whole time.”

Cowell said he was so “obsessed with beating the competition that he became “depressed.” However, becoming a father helped him. He explained:

“I was really unhappy. But now Eric is around, I don’t work through the night anymore. If he hadn’t come along, God knows what would have happened.”

Once known for being one of the toughest critics on competition shows, Cowell has certainly changed his ways. “I’m a very different man to the one I was 10 years ago, thank God,” he said.

Cowell endured some hardships, like losing both of his parents and overcoming health struggles. “But Eric changed everything, to be honest,” he said, adding that the love he has for his son is “beyond your love for your parents.” Cowell added: “It almost hurts how much you love them. Then you start thinking, ‘When he grows up, what’s his dad going to have done?’ I think about that a lot.”

While he once struggled with finding a balance between work and home life, Cowell seems to have a good grasp on it now. He explained:

“If you were to ask me now which is more important, my career or my family, then I’d say family, 100%. But when you talk about legacy, you want to believe what you’ve done has been worth it, that’s important too.”

Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell (2019), (Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images)

In February 2023, Cowell proved that family comes first when he shared some adorable snaps with Silverman and Eric, as they met the official mascots and star player, Mason Mount, of English soccer club Chelsea F.C. The family of three posed for one photo altogether, while another two images clearly showed Eric's joy at receiving an autographed ball from Mount. Cowell captioned the photos:

"We had the best time at @chelseafc, @masonmount you are such a nice person. Thank you!"

Cowell's fans couldn't help but draw comparisons to Eric and his father. One wrote: "Your son is so handsome. He looks like both you and his mom," while another added: "Lovely photo Simon. Eric looks like you, a mini me!" Another said: "Wow! Big boy now. You're so adorable my dear. Super cute."

The last few years have really highlighted Cowell's transformation from a notoriously mean TV judge to a positive family man, and his fans have noticed too. One commenter wrote:

"I always admired Simon, even back in the beginning of American Idol when he was a little snippy. I knew he was good hearted but since he’s become a Dad his heart shines through like a bright light. It Makes me happy."

Meanwhile, Silverman also reflected on Cowell's kindness and being a good role model for Eric. As she held back tears during a speech at the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards in 2022, Silverman said, as per HELLO!:

"Simon has been teaching our son Eric the value and the importance of helping others — now I'm going to cry. It means so much to me as a mom for our son to have a father, and my elder son Adam to have a stepfather who is such an amazing role model in so many ways." 

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman, Eric Cowell, Adam Silverman (2018), (Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

While Eric may be Cowell’s carbon copy in looks, he also appears to have much more in common with his father. According to the Mirror, Cowell customized his car to be eco-friendly with the help of his 9-year-old son. 

“Doing the car up with Eric has been a labour of love. They have really bonded over implementing these changes, and seeing the car develop,” a source told the outlet. “Making it totally green was a number one priority.”

Prior to owning a Mini, Cowell talked about his decision to purchase a Tesla, which was also inspired by Eric. He explained:

"My son is obsessed with climate change, he’s taught me a lot recently. He goes down on the beaches and cleans them up. … I think it’s something we should all take seriously now. I’ve just bought a Tesla.”

It’s amazing to see how Cowell is learning from his son, and the proud dad shared how he believes his son is most likely learning from him as well. In fact, the music mogul shared his hopes that Eric will one day follow in his footsteps and join show business.

According to the Sun, Cowell talked about the likelihood of Eric taking over the “Britain’s Got Talent” franchise and said:

“Oh, a million per cent. I think about that all the time. I would love him to take over. He’s really confident.”

He added, "When he comes down here he knows what everybody does. He likes being in the gallery. That will be my dream.”

While Eric still has plenty of growing up to do before he can think about following in his father’s footsteps, there’s no doubt that he will make Cowell proud with whatever decision he makes.

Lauren Silverman, Eric Cowell, Simon Cowell (2022), (Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images)

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