Simon Cowell Left Teary-Eyed After 'AGT' Choir’s Emotional Performance In Memory Of Late Contestant Nightbirde

Jun 01, 2023 by apost team

“America’s Got Talent” is a musical talent show created by Simon Cowell. Since the show’s premiere on June 21, 2006, it has played host to many incredible talents and stunning performances. In addition, many inspirational contestants have graced the show and positively impacted people’s lives despite their limited stay. One such contestant who inspired the world with her stunning voice, grace, and personality despite the odds was Season 16’s Jane Kristen Marczewski, professionally known as Nightbirde. 

Nightbirde inspired the “AGT” judges, audience members, and millions of viewers with her voice and emotional story, endearing her to many. During Nightbirde’s “AGT” audition in 2021, she revealed she had been battling cancer for many years. Her health issues forced her to drop out of the show, but she had won the hearts of everyone before her exit. Nightbirde inspired Cowell so much that she earned his Golden Buzzer after performing her original song, “It’s OK.” Nightbirde died on Feb. 19, 2022, aged 31, but continues to live in the hearts and minds of those she inspired. 

It’s been over a year after Nightbirde’s death and two seasons after she warmed her way into people’s hearts. However, evidence of her impact was seen during the “AGT” Season 18 premiere on May 30, 2023, when the Mzansi Youth Choir from Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, performed her motivational song, “It’s OK.” The gesture brought tears to Cowell, moved viewers and everyone present, and caused a flood of emotions after they earned a unique Golden Buzzer. Keep reading to find out more about the Mzansi Youth Choir’s performance.

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When the Mzansi Youth Choir graced the "AGT" stage on May 30, 2023, in their white outfits and introduced themselves, no one knew what was to follow. After the introduction, the lovely choir sang a beautiful rendition of Nightbirde’s “It’s OK.” As they performed the emotional song, everyone present knew what they were doing — paying tribute to a woman who inspired millions worldwide. 

It wasn’t just the song and tribute that moved the audience, judges, and viewers, but how the Mzansi Youth Choir carried it out. Their performance was meaningful, as people could see tears trickle down their beautiful and handsome faces as they performed. In the end, they brought joy to everyone present and watching and would have earned Nightbirde’s gratitude. Unsurprisingly, they got a standing ovation from the audience and judges, and people watching on TV.

The judges, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel, took turns commending the choir and expressing how their performance made them feel. When it was time for Cowell to speak, he struggled to hold back the tears. When he managed to utter words, he said

“I know how much this would’ve meant to her (Nightbirde). It would.” 

Cowell noted that Nightbirde remained passionate about her music until her death and commended the choir for the special tribute. A choir member also revealed that they recorded the song after Nightbirde’s performance two years ago. They also revealed that she responded “so beautifully” to the song, which had been a pillar of strength for them.

Afterward, the audience chanted “Golden Buzzer,” prompting Cowell and the judges to allow them to have the power of the Golden Buzzer. Eventually, all four judges and host Terry Crews pushed the Golden Buzzer, sparking excitement and cheers as the Mzansi Choir advanced to the next round.

Do you remember Nightbirde? Did she inspire you with her beautiful voice, grace, and personality when she appeared in Season 16 of “AGT”? How do you feel about the Mzansi Youth Choir’s tribute to Nightbirde? Let us know — and be sure to pass this article on to friends, family members, and fellow “AGT” fans!

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