Simon Cowell Got Emotional At Swedish Singer's Beautiful Version Of "Imagine" On AGT

Chris Kläfford's audition on "America’s Got Talent" not only wowed crowds but had all four judges on their feet giving the musician a standing ovation. The Swedish singer’s interpretation of the song “Imagine” might move you to tears. 

Kläfford had loved music all his life but his family wanted him to pursue a career like his siblings where he would have stability in an everyday job.

“They never really listened to me. I never wanted to join the family business, so I walked my own way, my own road.” Kläfford said on the show

So he began working in a liquor store and has performed at small bars for the last ten years. His father told him, “Keep on pushing kid,” so he wanted to go on "America’s Got Talent" to make his father proud and because it was the next big step towards his dream.

The Sweden-born musician walked out on the stage and explained how his musical inspiration when he was growing up was the band Kiss. Judge Simon Cowell said “Good luck, we’re all rooting for you,” then Kläfford began to play his guitar. He started off in a deep sultry voice for the first verse, “Imagine there’s no heaven...”

Some members of the audience cheered a little bit but the judges looked a bit skeptical. But as Kläfford continued his voice hit every single note of the song perfectly, he even sang some bits in a higher pitch that fluttered over every chord. Members of the audience began to tear up as the 30-year-old kept blowing them away with every note. 

At the end of his song, all four judges stood up and applauded Kläfford’s performance while the rest of the audience wiped away tears from their faces to clap and cheer in praise of Kläfford.

Judge Howie Mandel said, "You know how they say 'Sing from the heart'? You wore your heart on your sleeve, we could all feel it."

The performer struggled with all the emotions he was feeling saying, “Man this is weird, this is crazy, this is everything.” All four judges gave him a yes, sending him off the stage with a huge smile on his face. We think it’s safe to say Kläfford made his father proud.

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