Simon Cowell Bursts Into Tears After X Factor Celebrities Perform Emotional Charity Song

Sep 25, 2020 by apost team

In December 2019, X-Factor's celebrity judge Simon Cowell openly cried on live TV during the show after the charity single was performed. Fans were worried about his apparent breakdown.

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Simon Cowell, a 60-year-old business mogul, was visibly affected by the charity single. When the host of the show, Dermot O'Leary, asked him, "Simon I know both those charities are very close to your heart. What do you want to say?" Simon whispered, "Oh God," burst into tears, and covered his face.

Simon's girlfriend Lauren Silverman rushed onto the stage to comfort Simon, wrapping her arms around him. His co-star Nicole Scherzinger also tried to comfort Simon while Louis Walsh just sat there stunned.

Dermot hastily had the cameras turn away from Simon and carefully said, "OK, I don't need to say anything else Simon, thank you."

The charity song was for children's hospices and had some fans almost breaking down in tears, too. Proceeds from the song will go to Shooting Star and Together For Short Lives. Shooting Star provides palliative care to babies and children not expected to survive for much longer. Together For Short Lives provides information and support to families expecting a baby or child to die soon from an incurable condition.

Simon Cowell has been a patron of the charity Together For Short Lives since 2009 (at that time it was known as Children's Hospices UK; it changed its name in 2011 after merging with ACT). He has been very active in charity work throughout his life, mostly in regards to supporting children and animals.

If you know someone looking for a worthy cause to donate to, consider forwarding this story to them. And let us know: What did you think of Simon Cowell's breakdown? Were you surprised? 

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