Signs That Your Child May Be A Genius

Mar 20, 2018 by apost team

Being a genius isn't something that someone just wakes up with one morning. The signs are usually there in childhood, it's just most people don't recognize them. If you have children or are Aunt or Uncle to young ones, read on to find out if you have a little genius in your midst.

#1 Unusual Memory

A good working memory is often an early sign of genius. Compared to other children of their age, genius children will display an ability to remember better, with more detail and are able to describe their memories as if they happened only moments prior. Being able to remember well also enables genius children to learn faster and more effectively.

#2 Unwavering curiosity

One of the main traits of a genius is their insatiable thirst for knowledge. That can make genius children exhausting to keep entertained because they act like sponges, soaking up every morsel of information and knowledge thrown their way. Child geniuses never stop learning so if your child is displaying unwavering curiosity, it's time to test their IQ!


#3 Emotionally different

Being intelligent doesn't just refer to being book smart, geniuses are also often emotionally intelligent. This can often be seen in child geniuses who feel emotions much more deeply than their peers and have a tendency to be at emotional extremes. For example, they may be unusually calm or extremely agitated all in one day. This is an indication that a genius is at work!


If you recognized these traits in your own children or children of your friends and family, be sure to let them know they may well have a genius in the family!