Sick Kitten Is Adopted By Girl And After A Year They Weigh Almost The Same

Brownie the kitten had a rough start to life. As the runt of his litter, he had to fight to survive.

To make matters worse, he only had two toes on one of his front paws Fortunately for Brownie, a kind human named Justina Strumilaite came to his rescue.

Justina Strumilaite knew Brownie was in trouble the moment she saw him. He'd stopped nursing and was becoming frailer by the minute.

Justina was determined to save this helpless little furball, so her family adopted him. With a little luck and a lot of patience, she was able to coax Brownie into eating.

Brownie started to thrive under Justina's care. He followed her everywhere she went. Brownie had become a typical kitten getting into trouble at every opportunity.

Much to Justina's surprise, Brownie continued to grow. The tiny kitten that once fit in the palm of her hand now weighs almost as much she does!

Brownie enjoys spending time with his family, taking naps, and having his thick coat of fur brushed. He's never let the fact that he's missing a few toes slow him down.

Brownie's story teaches us that all living things flourish when they're loved and cared for.

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