Siamese Kitten Found In Florida Road Makes Kitty Friend In Foster Care - Woman Adopts Them Both

Dec 02, 2019 by apost team

A small kitten was found in the center of a lonely road in Florida in the middle of the night. A local Floridian named Pattie found the cute kitten and took her to safety right away. The cat was so hungry that she had trouble moving. Pattie called a veterinarian to schedule an appointment and did everything in her power to help the poor cat in the meantime. This fragile kitten was called Lily as a symbol for purity.

As a cat lover, Pattie already had five felines of her own and regularly spent money to care for feral cats. To make sure Lily received the care she needed, Pattie reached out to Chris Poole, the owner of Cole and Marmalade. She hoped that Chris, as a local of Tampa, would know of a place Lily could go. Fortunately, he knew just the place: St Francis Society Animal Rescue.

Even though Chris had a full calendar and the team at St. Francis were overflowing with cats, nobody could say 'no' to Lily's adorable eyes. The vet determined that Lily had anemia which is serious condition, especially for a cat who didn't weigh much at all. It was nearly impossible for Lily to move around. Fortunately, an x-ray showed no broken bones. Lily did have a case of lice though.

Even though Pattie wasn't going to adopt Lily, she assumed the role as temporary caregiver while Lily was in the ICU. Her rescuer even made shirts to help raise money for the high medical costs. After a lot of improvement, it was determined that Lily could move into a new home. Because she required special physical therapy, Lily needed an experienced owner. Andrea Budkis Christian volunteered and was the best candidate.

Andrea makes sure that Lily receives all of the care she needs. Although Lily hates it, Andrea performs PT with her kitten in a bath. After a while, a new cat joined the group and instantly took a liking to Lily. The two are learning how to socialize with humans and cats at the same time, something that rescues tend to need help with at the beginning of their recovery.

Fast forward to November 16th, and the inseparable pair were lucky to find a forever home that would take them both. They bonded while recovering and now can spend their furry days together.

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