Shocking Video Depicts How Dogs React To Abandoned Baby Deer Missing A Leg

Rudie the deer has had a pretty hard life from the start. Just a couple of days after he was born, a couple of strangers brought him to the local veterinary hospital. Rudie had a severed leg, meaning he could quickly bleed to death without medical attention.

While they didn’t know what had happened to cause the injury, they knew he had to get help. Luckily for him, the vets were able to safely amputate the leg just in time. He was going to be okay.

However, this brought up a whole mess of questions and concerns. Luckily, a vet technician who worked in the hospital had experience in rescuing animals that were injured. She was sure that Rudie would fit in just fine with her family.

Sure, the first couple of days were a huge adjustment for everyone, especially the scared and confused deer. However, the vet tech was confident that the choice she had made was the right one.After a bit of time learning this strange new way of life, Rudie began to really thrive in his new home.

He was able to learn how to walk with just three legs. He began to eat regularly and was even curious about his other animal “siblings.” He wanted to play with them, and the dogs were just as eager to do the same. Not only did the furry animals not shy away from the injured deer, but they were also happy to take him in as one of their own.

Today, Rudie spends his time running around and playing with his dog friends. They all meet and play with any new rescues that the vet tech brings home from the hospital. Rudie even visits the local nursing homes. His job? Cheering up the elderly residents!

Rudie has a calm demeanor that is just right for spreading happiness and cheer to the residents. His gentle, loving nature is a hit with everyone he meets! You simply cannot frown when you pet this amazing deer.

He is even known as “Rudie the Reindeer” on social media and has his own followers. They love watching his journey through life through pictures and videos.

Check out the video below and learn more about this resilient deer.

Rudie is definitely an amazing animal! What did you think of this heartwarming story? Leave us a comment and then pass this adorable video on to your friends and family!