Woman Totally Astonished By Sister's Breathtaking Makeover

Sep 14, 2020 by apost team

Yvonne Alexander from Marysville, Washington, brought her sister to the Makeover Guy's salon in Minneapolis. She came looking for a complete change in her everyday look, which her sister wholeheartedly supported. When she sees her transformation, both she and her sister are taken aback by how striking she looks!

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Yvonne says she works for the state of Washington, helping people who have developmental disabilities. She has 5 children who are all grown up now, and has been married to her husband for 20 years. 

She starts off the video saying that she wanted a change and adding that she has never had short hair, nor has she ever given any hairdresser carte blanche, or a free pass to do as they want in her life. Many of us might have felt the same way in our life, where we are hesitant to change anything because the status quo is fine as it is. However, for Yvonne, it was time. 


For women after a certain age, making a change in their look can be a great way to feel like they are turning over a new leaf. For someone like Yvonne, who has 5 children and works full time, taking on responsibilities might have been the most important part of life for a while. However, now that the kids are grown up and she has some time for herself, she might have felt it was a good time to change up her everyday look. 

She tells Christopher Hopkins, a.k.a The Makeover Guy, that she wants a makeover that gives her a sophisticated look because she has never felt sophisticated in her life. Moreover, she wanted the look to be classy and easy, which can sometimes be a little difficult to achieve.

However, it is clear that Christopher has listened to her because when she sees the result, she says "Oh my God, this has so exceeded my expectations!"

Christopher Hopkins has truly made a name for himself by giving a large number of women a new lease on life and a whole new look without taking away who they really are. In fact, a lot of his clients end up feeling much more like themselves after their makeover than before! 

This was also the case for Yvonne, who said that "I feel more like me, it's awesome!"

It must be a magical feeling to feel like your true self has been brought out, and that you can feel beautiful in your own skin. Christopher's signature is in highlighting every person's natural features, and coaxing out the personality of each woman through her new hair and makeup. 

In the video below, Yvonne looks visibly excited by her new look. Before her makeover, she looks a little more reserved but really opens up once she sees her reflection in the mirror. Her smile is much larger and brighter, which exudes her natural beauty even more. She is joking around with everyone in the salon and making them laugh as well!

Her long curly hair was the main reason she didn't want to have an extreme makeover. For her, it was important that her hair isn't straightened, and that her curly hair needs to remain in its natural state. Her newer, shorter hair isn't anything like she would have chosen herself, but has now become the right style that is a balance of classy, easy, and sophisticated. Moreover, her curls are intact and as beautiful as they have always been. 

Her younger sister lets out an immediate, "Oh my God!" upon seeing Yvonne for the first time after the makeover. She also says that Yvonne is a "totally different woman, but it's still her." Christopher's incredible talent of bringing out the best in every one of his clients while making sure their true essence isn't lost has once again been proven. 

Both sisters exchange hugs and smiles, and their loving bond is seen in their interaction. The transformation has a profound effect on both siblings, as they both begin to tear up when they take pictures. Sisterly love is a special kind of love, indeed! 

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