‘Sherri’ Fans & Staff Displeased With Marlo Thomas After She 'Fat Shamed' Sherri Shepherd On Air

May 30, 2023 by apost team

Marlo Thomas has enjoyed much success in her career. Born into a family well-versed in entertainment, she gradually rose to exceptional career heights. Today, Thomas is many things in one. Firstly, she is an actress and is most famous for her role as Ann Marie in the ABC sitcom “That Girl.” Thomas also starred in other famed TV shows, including her children's franchise “Free to Be… You and Me.” 

Thanks to her numerous achievements, she has been nominated for and won many awards. For instance, the actress is a three-time Primetime Emmy Awards winner and a one-time Daytime Emmy Award winner. She also has a Golden Globe Award and Peabody Award to her name. Incredibly, Thomas has a Grammy Award and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014. 

Besides her achievements, Thomas is a beloved celebrity. At 85, she stands as an exemplary figure to the present generation and those unborn. However, these lofty achievements did not exempt Thomas from criticism for her comments during a Nov. 1, 2022, episode of Sherri Shepher's TV show, "Sherri."

During the show, Thomas promoted several projects, including an upcoming movie, “Magical Christmas Village.” However, it was Thomas’s comments at the end of the segment that raised eyebrows. Thomas couldn’t resist commenting about Shepherd’s size, remarking that the latter had lost much weight. Shepherd took the comments lightheartedly and laughed out loud. 

Although Shepherd didn’t dwell on Thomas’s comments, her show’s staffers were not amused and were reportedly vocal about it. In addition, the show’s viewers also expressed their displeasure about Thomas’s comments. Continue reading to find out what transpired during the show, “Sherri” staffers’ reaction, and more. 

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Marlo Thomas (2015), (Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Marlo Thomas was born on Nov. 21, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan. From her birth, it was obvious that she would have many great achievements in her lifetime. Thomas was Rose Marie Cassaniti and comedian Danny Thomas’s oldest child. Her younger sister is Terre, while her younger brother is producer Tony Thomas. Thomas and her siblings grew up in Beverly Hills, California. At birth, she was named Margaret Julia, although her family members called her Margo, a shortened form of her first name. However, Thomas struggled to pronounce her nickname, which eventually led to her becoming known as Marlo Thomas. 

Thomas initially studied to become a teacher but was interested in the arts, which she had a great passion for. It was immediately clear that she would go on to become great in the art world, and that became the case many years later as she became an actress, producer, and author. In addition to her career in entertainment, Thomas is also a social activist, using her platform to raise awareness about topical societal issues. 

Due to Thomas’s impact in Hollywood, numerous award wins and recognitions, she is undoubtedly a beloved and respected individual. Besides her career achievements, she is also a happily married woman. Thomas has been married to television talk show host Phil Donahue. The pair met when she appeared as a guest on his talk show, “Donahue,” in 1977. 

They fell in love at first sight and tied the knot on May 21, 1980. Following the marriage, Thomas became a stepmom to Donahue’s daughter and four sons, which he had from his first marriage. The couple has remained married since then and continue going strong in their relationship. 


Sherri Shepherd (2022), (Ethan Miller/Getty Images News via Getty Images)

Despite being 85, Thomas continues going strong and looking ever so young. On Nov. 1, 2022, she appeared on actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd's show, “Sherri.” During the show, Thomas promoted some of her projects, including her then-upcoming film, “Magical Christmas Village.” 

However, while Thomas’s appearance was meant to be a memorable experience, it turned sour for some viewers and “Sherri” staffers after she commented on Shepherd’s weight. During the interview, Thomas recalled interviewing Thomas on her AOL show, “Mondays with Marlo.” She added, “and you used to be a big woman!” 

Thomas didn’t stop there but went ahead to imitate Shepherd’s former size by blowing her face out and putting her hand around her body. She then concluded, “You’ve lost a lot of weight, but you’ve still got the boobies! That’s good.” 

Despite Thomas’s comments and observation, Shepherd, who revealed she lost about 35 pounds, embraced her and laughed it off. However, although Shepherd took her guest’s comments with a good heart, her staff was unhappy. An insider told Page Six

“Sherri was a good sport, but people (at the show) are very protective of her. People were not happy that she fat shamed her on national TV. It was a slap in the face.” 

Besides the “Sherri” staff, the show’s viewers also took to social media to share their thoughts on Thomas’s comments. One fan asked Thomas why she felt the need to do an impression of an overweight Shepherd, adding that it was uncomfortable to watch. 

More viewers expressed their displeasure, but Shepherd ensured the situation didn’t escalate by responding with laughing emojis and lighthearted comments. Much kudos to the TV show host as she maintained a great deal of professionalism and courtesy, ensuring she handled the situation exceptionally. 

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