Shelter Workers Are Furious After Man Returns Old Dog And Mumbles His Excuse

When inanimate objects lose their purpose, become aged and worn, or stop functioning, we usually discard them. But, that’s not how living, breathing things should be treated, right?

Yet, that’s just what happened to a precious dog when she got old and ceased to be the same dog her owner had adopted 15 years earlier.

Most all living things grow weaker and incapable of doing the things they did in their youth. Canela is no exception. For humans, it often falls upon family to care for aging relatives. Again, it’s no different for animals. It’s an owner’s obligation to care for their pets as they age and lose the agility and energy of youth.

Canela’s owner, an elderly gentleman himself, didn’t see things that way, however. After being together for over a decade, he decided to bring Canela to the Los Angeles Animal Services North Central Facility and give her away to the shelter.

This decision had workers outraged and shocked at his reasoning. You see, he wasn’t giving her away because he was physically or financially unable to take care of her. No, he did it because he was unwilling to care for her.

Why? Well, according to the people at the animal shelter, he said it’s because she no longer did anything.

Despite assuring the shelter workers that Canela was an excellent dog, shelter workers recorded the man as he described how she wasn’t able to go like she once had, was laying around all day, and wasn’t chasing cats anymore.

That was his reasoning for abandoning Canela; he couldn’t handle his wonderful companion of 15 years was now doing nothing.

Although the owner estimated that she was around 18-years-old, shelter workers felt Canela was several years younger than that. After giving the shelter a bit of info, the owner abandoned his loyal companion in the care of complete strangers.

According to shelter workers, the owner didn’t appear to be the least concerned that her tucked tail was between her trembling body as he walked out the door.

In fact, according to one shelter worker’s social media update on Canela, the owner had actually tried to adopt another dog. Thankfully, he was denied and left empty handed.

You can watch the heartbreaking scene in the video below:

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