Shelter Kittens Raised With Rabbits Now Hop Like Bunnies

In a video from 2016, we see two species of babies getting along and they might just be the cutest possible combination on the planet. Little baby kittens and bunnies are seen in a pen at a local shelter, bouncing along with each other in a video caught by a volunteer. It's normal to see a bunny hop, but extraordinary to see kittens copy them.

Watching these bunny-kittens hop in the grass as if they were rabbits is a cuteness overload. Imgur user slipNslidejunkie had posted this on their account, saying the moment was a reflection of the stars aligning at the shelter where they volunteer.

The law of imitation worked on the kittens; they imitate their friends by jumping through fields with their cotton-tailed brothers and sisters, learning how fun life can be when you're a little different from the rest of your species. Inverse reports that it might be because of social learning theory, where animals demonstrate different types of behaviors depending on where they are.

We aren't making this next part up: there's a term rabbit enthusiasts came up with for the bouncy move these kittens do. It's a jump-and-twist that experts refer to as a "binky," according to The Language of Lagomorphs. A binky is understood to be something that bunnies do when they are happy; apparently, kittens have the same reaction. No matter which of the two creatures is performing the binky, we think it's adorable, and it teaches us an important lesson.

We don't have to be like everyone else, or try hard to fit in. You don't have to be exactly like your family to be loved. You can have different quirks and habits, but you'll still be precious to someone. We are surrounded by pressure to be normal, but the video challenges us to ask what is normal?

This world is beautiful because it is full of surprises. Share the video with someone who needs their fill of kittens and bunnies today!