Shelter Dogs Adorably Pick Out Their Own Christmas Presents From Lines Of Donated Toys On Floor

Dec 31, 2020 by apost team

Christmas is a joyous time for us for many reasons: the excellent food we get to eat, the family we meet after a long time, and for many, the gifts we receive. For kids especially, the excitement of Christmas morning comes from the glitzy wrapping paper that remains so exciting for them. Their joy is uncontained, and it is always a heartwarming thing to see. Much like little kids, some shelter dogs partook in the Christmas spirit this year when they got to choose a few gifts of their own in Dublin, Ireland. Their excitement is clear on their faces as seen in this video from December 2019. We are sure it will warm your hearts as well during this holiday season!

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Animals shouldn't be left out of the holiday fun, and one dog shelter in Ireland decided to do something about it. A few dogs had the time of their lives as they celebrated Christmas last year at Dogs Trust Ireland's Rehoming Center in Dublin. The staff reached out to supporters and collected a wide variety of toys for the dogs who were more than happy to have a choice in picking their toys. As you watch the video, you can't help but be overcome by the glee the dogs are feeling.

The video begins with Happy, a black Pitbull who excitedly runs around with a squeak toy that he has picked from long rows of toys. Then there is Esme who is more than happy with her little red toy. She jumps all over the place, including running onto the bright pink sofa in the room as she plays with her new gift. She is followed by three little puppies whose angelic faces have the power to warm every heart. They seem so interested in the camera following them that they come towards the person filming, curious about the contraption that is so close to them!

The puppies are followed by Kenneth and Max, both big dogs with a very noble stature. However, when faced with a variety of toys, their excitement knows no bounds. Behind their big, regal faces are likely pure and beautiful souls that are only looking for love and care. Like humans, dogs too can be children at heart. 

“We recorded 35 dogs picking a toy and then spent (many) hours editing it to show the best reactions. One or two just wanted pets and snuggles more than a toy. The dogs were let in one by one, so we didn’t have to worry about any of them wanting the same toy,” a representative for Dogs Trust Ireland told Bored Panda.

Dogs Trust Ireland's Rehoming Center is Ireland's largest dog welfare charity, and they have been helping dogs find homes since 2005. Their main focus is on rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming the dogs that come to them, and making sure every dog finds a loving place to be. They also have an active Facebook page where they update followers on how they help their shelter dogs. Their mission is to help as many animals as they can so that "all dogs can enjoy a happy life free from the threat of unnecessary destruction."

In the video, after the big dogs, the little ones begin to arrive, such as Tiny the dog who is more than happy with his little green squeak toy. Then comes Buddy who runs around the room with joy once he picks his little red toy. Rocky and Sidney follow suit, both dogs loving all the attention and care. Since each dog was brought in one by one, each one feels special for having the whole room to him or herself.

"In 2017, we decided to do Secret Santa Paws for the dogs, where staff members bought a long-term dog a present specifically for them, and we recorded it and got a great reaction," the representative told Bored Panda. "In 2018, we wanted to do something different, so again the staff donated toys, but we thought the dogs might like to pick their own. So we lined them up, and it was the best day… the dogs were SO happy and watching them was just amazing. So we did it again this year, and combined supporter donations from under our tree in the reception with staff toy donations."

“As you will see, deciding on which toy was a big decision for some dogs and some delighted in the squeakiest toy they could find,” the charity wrote in the video's YouTube description. The video most certainly gives us all the feels when we watch it, and with the Christmas season over, we are happy to feel the spirit of the season still lingering around us through this sweet video!

While speaking to Bored Panda in 2019, a spokesperson for the charity said, "We put a pause on adoptions over Christmas every year, so the dogs in the video are still with us, but we hope to find them their Forever Homes in the new year! We have had other shelters lining up toys and letting the dogs pick them, and they have tagged us in their posts, which is amazing! Sniffing the toys and picking one out requires concentration for the dogs, and really brings out their different personalities. It’s just fantastic for us to see them being so happy over something so simple, and we really, really hope this will help them all get adopted in 2020!”

While 2020 has been a truly difficult year for many of us, we still hope that a lot of these adorable dogs and puppies find their forever homes this year. 

On their website, the charity lists the dogs that are currently residing at their center. They also have a list of dogs they call "underdogs" who require a special touch and a little more patience when it comes to bonding. It is clear to see that the charity prioritizes the wellbeing of the dogs over anything else, which is wonderful to see. 

According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million animals are brought to shelters every year in the United States, of which a little more than half are dogs while the other animals are cats. Almost all of these animals are not at fault when they face homelessness: many people cannot care for them anymore, some people find that taking care of a pet is too much responsibility for them, and a few others abandon family pets when they move away. A large number of animals in shelters are also stray animals that have been rescued by neighborhoods that are looking out for these creatures, according to ASPCA. Unfortunately, some animals have faced cruelty from very early on in their lives, and are finally rescued and brought for safety and rehabilitation. They have faced a lot of trauma, however, and require extended care to heal. These instances are heartbreaking to hear about. 

We hope that in the next year more people adopt animals from shelters and create happy and loving homes for them. After all, dogs are truly a joy and pleasure to have at home, and the video below only confirms the fact that dogs make us happy! 

What did you think about these excited and adorable dogs? Have you ever given your family pets a present? Let us know your stories below, and be sure to share this video with your friends. It will surely make their day! 

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