Shelter Dog Saves Best Friend Hours Before Euthanasia When She Hugged Her

Aug 29, 2019 by apost team

A tearjerker of a story has been making the rounds on social media after a shelter dog at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue saves her best friend from an untimely death with a single hug. When Kala hugged Keria in a heart-warming gesture, she helped show the world that love has the power to save lives.

Because so many pet shelters are overwhelmed with strays, it's become common for them to adopt of the practice of putting pets down if they aren't adopted within a certain amount of time. With their euthanasia date at the shelter approaching the following Monday, staff at the pet rescue who were desperate to save them shared a picture on Facebook, reports The Telegraph.

The photo was of Kala sitting with her arms wrapped around Keira in their shared cage. “If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me” read the heart-wrenching caption posted with the picture.

The photograph made the rounds on the internet immediately, and as their photograph was being shared thousands of times within only a few minutes, it happened to be seen by a local resident who made his way down the shelter to meet them. Within a couple of hours of the photograph being posted both pups were adopted into the same loving forever home.

If you didn't believe it before, let this serve as proof that a single post can save the lives of sweet shelter dogs who are still looking for their perfect home. You can help create more happy endings for pups like Kala and Keira by spreading the words about their emotional story and encouraging your friends and family to adopt from your local shelter.