Shelter Dog Is Super Sad When They Throw His Leash On Until He Realizes He’s Going To His Forever Home

Feb 18, 2019 by apost team

Benny is a black and white pit bull who has been a cheerful boy ever since he found himself living in a shelter.

However, he didn’t realize that he was in a high-kill shelter. If no one adopted him, he would soon be taken out and put to sleep.

Many of the other dogs in the shelter stayed as far back in their cells as they could when visitors came.

Not Benny! Even the shelter workers wondered why Benny was so hopeful and eager. He often paced around his cage and wagged his tail happily.

One day, a family came to visit the shelter. When they spotted Benny, they just knew he was the right dog for them.

Benny was just used to his old routine of greeting visitors and hoping someone would take him home. That day had finally come!

After the papers were all signed and the adoption finalized, it was 100% official that Benny would be getting his forever home.

But he still didn’t realize that he was about to be leaving the shelter for good.

The day came for Benny to go to his new home. Everyone in the shelter was happy and excited that the big day had come.

One of the workers took out her phone in order to record the magic moment for the world to see.

Benny was pacing his cell, as usual, when his new family and shelter workers came up to him. He wagged his tail happily and watched as everyone talked.

Then, one of the workers went in with a red leash. After putting it on his neck, the worker opened up the door to lead him out. Right then is when it seemed to dawn on Benny- he was finally going home!

Benny was so happy to be going home that he started to jump around even more excitedly than normal.

He was finally saying goodbye to shelter life and hello to a happy home filled with love. He went crazy when he stepped outside with his new family!

Benny kept up his adorable antics until the video came to an end. We have never seen a dog act as excited as this sweet boy!

We are so happy he finally has a place to call his own after so long!

Check out the wonderful video for yourself:

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