She Runs Out Of Wrapping Paper But The Gift Turns Out Stunning, Her Idea Is Genius

Dec 16, 2015 by apost team

Stressed with all the cooking, wrapping gifts and decorating? The holiday season is a busy season for moms. "What's Up Moms" has a bunch of clever hacks that is going help you stay merry and enjoy your Christmas stress-free.The most joyful holiday of the year also brings a lot of stress with it. Wrapping gifts and you run out of paper? Gosh, that means another trip to the store! But, wait a sec, watch this video for some creative ideas and you'll be delighted! It will save you money, time and stress and will turn a mundane activity into a fun activity for your kids.Making cookies and you just dropped an eggshell in your bowl? Stress not! Just wet your finger and you'll be able to remove it easily. The guests are ringing the doorbell and you forgot to chill the bubbly? Wrap a wet paper towel around it and stick in the freezer for ten minutes. It's that simple! Check out the amazing tips in this video below.

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