She Lost Her Way, Overheard Dad’s Engine And Runs Toward Him Barking With Joy

When a dog leaves his home and gets lost, it’s a heartbreaking experience for the owner and a frightening one for the pet. Pets are like your children, and you don’t want anything to happen to them.

Unfortunately for one dog owner, his dog got scared and took off when she heard an explosion.

Whenever the dog and her owner go shopping, which is something the dog always enjoys doing, she’s usually obedient and doesn’t need to be leashed. This day was different, however, because she left her owner’s side out of fear.

When she heard the fireworks blasting, the dog ran away as fast as she could.

Her devastated owner searched for her everywhere, but he didn’t see his beloved pet anywhere. Even though the dog is familiar with the neighborhood, she ran away in a state of panic until she got lost. At that point, she didn’t know how to get back home.

However, she did know how to get to another house that she was familiar with. That's how the owner of the dog then got a phone call and then rushed over to get her.

When the dog saw her owner, she reacted like a child who hadn’t seen her daddy for a long time. She cried and whimpered as if she was trying to tell her dad how happy she was to see him. The love she expresses for her human father is genuine, and she is so adorable.

Fortunately, this dog and its owner were reunited, but the stress they suffered while they were apart was painful. To avoid going through an ordeal like this, you are advised to always keep your dog leashed.

Be sure your friends and family members read this story. Let this dog and his owner’s experience teach them to keep their dog on a leash – ALWAYS!