She Has Cancer And Is Pregnant With Twins Now A Good Samaritan Will Let Her See Them Grow Up

Susie Rabaca's mother's intuition told her that something was off. Just a few months into her pregnancy with twins, the mother of three from California was experiencing symptoms that she knew were not normal.

Unfortunately, Rabaca's gut was right and she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of leukemia. Doctors had to break the news to the devastated mother that her only chance for beating the cancer was a bone marrow transplant.

Because of the cruel nature of this particular form of leukemia, Rabaca needed the bone marrow donor to be a 100 percent match. However, not one exact match was found in the registry of 30 million potential donors.

Rabaca's sister was insistent on helping to thwart the quickly growing cancer but was only a 50 percent match. Desperate for a chance at survival, the family spread the word on social media, hoping that somebody would be the match.

Even country singer Carrie Underwood got in on helping to spread the awareness, sharing Rabaca's story on her social media account. With millions of people seeing the plea, over 50,000 new potential donors registered on the Be the Match database.

Luckily, one of those 50,000 new registrants proved to be the ideal match that Rabaca needed to have a chance at beating the disease. Rabaca is due with the twins on December 6. Assuming a healthy delivery, she will undergo the bone marrow transplant shortly after delivery.

The testing procedure to check for potential matches could not be any easier. Once you sign up through the website, Be the Match will send you the tools for a simple cheek swab. Medical professionals maintain that being a donor comes with very few side effects outside of a little fatigue and bruising.

It easy to sign up and you could potentially save a life by doing so.

You too could help save a life by getting the word out about the importance of registering for the bone marrow registry. All it takes is just one person to be the match and a life could be saved. Do not let this opportunity go to waste. Make sure that all of your friends and family understand the implications of stories like Rabaca's. Together we can work to save the lives of many.

Do you know anyone who is going through what Rabaca is going through? We want to hear their story.