Sharon Osbourne Is Criticized For Momentary Silver Vixen Hairdo

Aug 04, 2022 by apost team

TV personality Sharon Osbourne is best recognized for her red hair, despite being a natural brunette. Although her look may not be as outlandish or gothic as her rocker husband, Ozzy Osbourne, she still cemented her look enough to cause quite a ripple when suddenly she went grey. 

In February 2020, Osbourne debuted silvery locks on Instagram, shocking fans. Her colorist, Jack Martin, described the result as a "complete transformation." Revealing his handiwork in a side-by-side photo comparison, Martin unveiled "The Talk" co-host's new look. Martin touched upon her motivation in his caption, writing, "Sharon has 100% white hair, and she was coloring her hair once a week dark vibrant red for the past 18 years."

 Osbourne appeared distinguished in her hairdo. The color matched the 69-year-old's dark makeup and jacket, making the switch seem rather seamless. Speaking about Osbourne's readiness to rock such a new look, Martin said, "she explained to me that she wanted to do this transformation long time ago but every time she attempts it ends up with disaster." 

He also spoke about the pressures she, as well as other women in Hollywood, face when it comes to maintaining a specific image. Martin wrote, "Sharon was very tired of coloring her hair once a week and was obligated to since she is on TV almost every day hosting her popular TV show @thetalkcbs." With Martin's help, it seemed she'd finally taken the plunge. In preparing her, Martin said, "I didn't promise Sharon anything but I told her I will try my best." 

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Sharon Osbourne (2016), (Alex Huckle/Getty Images)

The life-altering appointment lasted longer than your average haircut. Martin reported, "it took me a total of 8 hours from start to finish to get her to platinum blonde." However, after the lengthy battle between light and dark, Martin achieved his desired result. During the reveal, he wrote, "she doesn't have to be committed to coloring her hair once a week anymore." This may sound to Osbourne's viewers like a small change; however, it is perhaps representative of relinquishing a self that was decades in the making. This is the new Sharon Osbourne. 

Although she has worn her hair in many different shades throughout time, Osbourne is best associated with red, which she's worn consistently since 2002. The only change in those decades was Osbourne tooling with the intensity of the red or adding other colors to the mix. 

It was undoubtedly a big change for her and her fans —seemingly so significant that she had to go back to her signature red! Osbourne debuted the return to her (colored) roots on The Talk. She explained her decision to revert back. Later, Osbourne also posted the segment on her Instagram. She captioned the vid with: "What color should I try next? 🌈" 

In a clip, her co-host Carrie Ann Inaba asks her about her return to red. Sharon explained, saying, "I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I'm like, 'Nah, you look like Grandma Clampett." Osbourne was referencing the Grandma character from the 1960s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. She continued, "And then I thought to myself, 'Nah, I'm changing it back.' And that's what I did." 

Maybe, in time, Osbourne will change her tune, if not her color. After all, the equally rebellious Jane Fonda did, and her fans are embracing the change.

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