Shannen Doherty Said Cancer Diagnosis Strengthened Her Marriage

Shannen Doherty, 48, revealed Tuesday morning that she is battling stage IV cancer, just three years after going into remission. 

Coming clean about her diagnosis on Good Morning America, the actress admitted one of the toughest aspects of the diagnosis is revealing it to her husband, Kurt Iswarienko.

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In an appearance on Good Morning America, Doherty revealed she has been battling stage 4 cancer for the past year. The announcement comes just three years after doctors declared her cancer-free. 

Doherty was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2015 and went into remission two years later.

“It’s going to come out in a matter of days or week that I am Stage 4, my cancer came back and that’s why I am here,” Doherty said on GMA. 

“It’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways,” she added “I'm petrified. I'm pretty scared.”

The actress, who is famed for her role as Brenda in 90210, revealed what she dreaded most was telling her mother, Rosa, and her husband, Kurt, about the tragic diagnosis. 

“My mom is a ridiculously strong courageous human being. So is my husband, but I worry about him,” Doherty said.

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In 2016, as Doherty battled cancer for the first time, she said the disease had made her marriage a “thousand times stronger.”

"My marriage was always strong, but it's made my marriage a thousand times stronger," Doherty told Entertainment Tonight. "He's never missed a chemo. He's never missed a sick day."

The Charmed star said when she first got the news, she didn’t reveal it to her husband in a way she is proud of. 

"I called him, which was horrible of me," Doherty said. "I was in the car. I was with my mom, and the doctor called me and I'm, you know, 'I'm going to wait until I see him,' and I just couldn't. So I picked up the phone and I called him and he was like, 'Where are you?'"

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According to Doherty, Iswarienko was waiting for her on the driveway as she arrived home. 

"[He] hugged me and said, 'We are going to get through this. You are going to be OK. We are going to get through this, you're strong and you're powerful and you're not going anywhere,'" she recalled. "'You have so much to do in your life. We are going to get through it as a family.'"

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