Sex ISN'T Everything: Here Are 9 Of The Best Ways To Show Your Love For Your Partner Beyond Just Sex

Just having sexual relations is not the only way to express your love for your significant other. A truly loving, healthy relationship between two people also has elements of emotional and mental connections that contribute to a loving feeling for your partner. Even though there is a lot to be said to expressing your love in a sexual way and how it does contribute to a well-rounded relationship with an element of physical intimacy, it is not the only way to create a special bond with your spouse or partner that you can explore.

Having a variety of ways in your relationship that you express your love for one another not only is much more healthy than relying on just sexual activity, it gives you a variety of ways to emotionally express yourself that usually help to keep the spice in a relationship that a lot of couples will lose if they put all their efforts into only connecting when they have sex. If you have never explored this type of non-sexual intimacy and are unsure of how to actually make it work, consider one of the following ways to start exploring non-sexual intimacy:

1. Practice physical contact.

If you are not demonstrative with your partner, to begin with, then you need to begin by regularly showing your physical intimacy with them. Find ways to touch your partner on the shoulder in a loving way. Hug them unexpectedly. Give them a gentle kiss on the forehead during a quiet moment together. Extra physical contact in a loving way can actually metabolize oxytocin which stimulates sexual desire.

2. Don’t let go of flirting.

We usually relegate flirting to the initial stages of courting someone, and then we forget about it very soon after a relationship is in full force. Consider continuing the act of flirtation which is supposed to be an uninhibited yet playful means by which a person attracts the attention of someone they are interested in. So, give your spouse the idea that you still care about having their full gaze on you and revisit the art of flirtation.

3. Show gratitude regularly.

Taking for granted what your loved one does for you on a daily basis—even the smallest and most mundane things like doing the laundry and making dinner—needs to be recognized as something important that they do for you. So, verbalize your gratitude for how much you care that they love you enough to do even the smallest things to make you happy.

4. Don’t be a silent partner.

Trying to read another person’s mind is one of the most frustrating things you can put your loved one through, and it certainly does not express any love for a person if you don’t show that you trust them enough to share your thoughts with them. Having open communication with our partner and doing it honestly is sexy, and it allows both of you to show your vulnerability that tells them they are a special part of your life.

5. Create date nights.

Don’t just put a night out on the calendar, make it an event. The effort that you show in making the details count on these nights will be obvious to your loved one who will, like anyone who is treated like they are special, will appreciate that you took the time to think about what they would enjoy and that you can experience a special time together.

6. Give them your deepest respect.

Don’t pick and choose times and places to show respect to your partner; instead, remember that showing how much you care about someone also means remembering that their wants and needs matter as much as your own, and you may not agree with everything they say or do, but you respect their right to feel as they do.

7. Be kind as well as forgiving.

Certainly, you as well as your loved one understands that no two people are going to do everything right all the time. So, showing compassion for the mistakes that your significant other may commit from time to time is a loving act that they will reciprocate in times when you may not do exactly the right thing. This includes being patient with long-term issues that both of you may be facing either as individuals or as a couple and working through them together without judgment on each other’s actions.

8. See each other often

You can’t develop a loving commitment to each other beyond the bedroom if you don’t see each other except late at night or early in the morning before each of you leaves for work. Spend quality time together often and without pressure to “do something special” every time you spend a day together. Just sitting in the evening in the living room watching television together breeds a feeling of solidarity and affection for each other without a lot of fanfare.

9. Treat them as your equal, not your “other half”

If you don’t publicly and privately acknowledge your loved one with your words and actions, then it is bound to breed contempt instead of love, so be mindful of how you communicate what you see your individual roles are in the relationship, keeping in mind that it should reflect that each of you complement each other instead of completing one another.

How do you keep your relationship growing in love without relying on sex to do it? Talk about this so others can learn how they can do it as well.