Seven Ways Sleeping With Your Dog Improves Your Health

Seven Ways Sleeping with Your Dog Boosts Your Health Seven Reasons You Should Sleep with Your Dog Co-Sleep with Your Puppy for Better Health Dogs have long been called “man’s best friend” and research is now proving that the there is a lot of truth behind that title. According to recent studies, having a dog in your life can help you become less stressed, lose weight, become more social, and reduce your depression! But the benefits don’t stop with just owning a dog! According to experts, if you want to enjoy the health perks to the fullest, you should also sleep with your dog. The Center for Sleep Medicine from Scottsdale, Arizona’s Mayo Clinic took 150 dog owners and did research on them and their habits. According to the findings, those who shared a bed or even a bedroom with their furry friend were more likely to sleep better by 41%! Listed below are seven reasons why sleeping with a dog can be a major health benefit! #1. Dog Owners Feel More Secure. If you have a dog by your side, it provides a sense of comfort and security. Dogs are known for being on guard and able to alert us when danger approaches, giving us the opportunity to defend ourselves. Depending on the dog, some are also capable of providing protection with their sharp teeth and large bodies. You can sleep more soundly when you have your furry protector by your side without the fear of intruders or danger. #2. Dog Owners Aren’t As Stressed. If you let a doggy sleep by your side, you are less likely to experience stress. Not only do dogs reduce stress when they sleep with us at night, but just having one nearby throughout the day can give our nerves a break. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by work or school, it might be time to put aside your worries and enjoy time with your pooch. #3. Dogs Are Happier in Bed. If you enjoy cuddling with your puppy, you aren’t alone – dogs also act happier when they are given the opportunity to sleep with their owners. Letting your dog spend the night by your side helps them to feel better about themselves and be over-all healthier. #4. Dogs Provide Heat. Winter nights can be pretty chilly! Before you hike up the electric heat and face an expensive bill, consider taking your doggy to bed with you. Dogs provide fantastic body heat and will help you to stay warm. If you’re single and feeling a little lonely, dogs can also lift your spirits and help push away the blues. #5. Dogs Help You Say Goodbye to Depression. Sometimes people betray us, but our dogs rarely do! Whether it’s during the day or night, dogs are happy to shower you with love and support. If you battle depression or loneliness, sleeping with a dog can give you the chance to soak up the affection and start tomorrow with a better outlook on life. #6. Dogs Promote Feelings of Comfort. People who sleep with their dog enjoy the chance to feel more comforted about their problems and life in general. Before you turn to a person to make you feel fulfilled, consider giving your dog a chance. #7. Co-Sleeping Provides More Sleep! You would expect that sleeping with a dog would be challenging and cut down on the opportunity to catch some shut-eye; however, it’s totally the opposite. People who sleep with their dogs report a higher quality of sleep with better rest and longer sleep times. So, if you’re feeling down and need a boost, look no farther than Fido! Invite your furry friend into your bed and you’ll both be happier in the morning.