Serena Williams Reveals Her Baby Adira’s Newly-Built ‘Elegant’ Nursery That Was ‘Fit For The Royalty’

Sep 15, 2023 by apost team

Tennis icon Serena Williams is a champion in the arena and in her home, where she wields the title of mom. Williams has solidly secured her place among the stars in regard to fashion, entertainment, and her unwavering prowess in sports. She is also known for speaking up against the status quo rigged against women from time to time. In her home, the star is a mom who believes in empowering her loved ones through her experiences and achievements. Over the years, fans have impressively watched her raise her adorable daughter, Olympia.  

Being a tennis champion was once a dream for Williams, and many years into her career, she achieved one of the highest status to be bestowed on a sports player: being a world champion. However, one other thing she longed for was motherhood. The 23-time Grand Slam champion welcomed her first child, Olympia Ohanian, in September 2017. It was also in the same year that she married her Reddit co-founder spouse, Alexis Ohanian. 

Williams and Alexis' love story dates back to 2015, when they met in Rome. The duo had stayed in the same hotel by chance. Recalling how they met to Vanity Fair, Williams described her husband as "this guy who "just plops down at the table next to us." She revealed how she was surprised at how he chose his seat among the other chairs around. The meet-cute was followed by one year of courting before they announced their engagement in 2016. 

On Aug. 22, 2023, Williams took to social media, letting her slew of admirers know that her family has expanded through the birth of her second child. The star became a mom of two after documenting her journey right from the pregnancy announcement to birth, down to revealing their newly-built nursery. 

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Serena Williams (2019), (Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images for The Business Of Fashion)

The love birds became man and wife in a star-studded event in New Orleans. After becoming a mother, Williams' perspective on life took on a new dimension, and she has not been shy to open up about it. According to PopSugar, the star mom laid it bare at the 2019 New York Fashion Week when she talked about achieving her goal of becoming a mom. She revealed:

"Becoming a mom is something that I've always wanted to do, but I was getting older, and (it was) not really going to happen. I love being a mom, and it's such a great feeling."

The S By Serena founder gushed about her beloved daughter, referring to her as "the best thing that's happened to me." Williams continued by relaying that she did not think there was a right time to have children. Rather she believed in going for it "if you want it."

Six years after Olympia stole her parents' hearts, the couple was ready to welcome baby number two. Williams and her tech mogul husband revealed their second baby news while walking the famous carpet of the 2023 Met Gala. On Instagram, Williams shared some photos further affirming the news. 

The sports star also posted a clip of how she and Alexis informed Olympia that she was soon to become a big sister. Leading up to settling into family life to expand her family, Williams shared an announcement with Vogue. This showed her intentions to step back from her career to focus on family. 

The fashion connoisseur told the publication that she and her husband had been trying for another baby. She added that she did not want to be "pregnant again as an athlete."

Serena Williams (2020), (Al Bello/Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

The Williams-Ohanian clan became a family of four when the couple took to TikTok to share a creative surprise announcement. The clip was set with Bazzi's 2018 song, "Beautiful," playing in the background. It opened with Alexis sitting at a table in what appeared to be a lounge area. In front of him was a Macbook and a mug. The succession of the clip saw Williams join her spouse as she rocked a hot pink oversized hoodie and black sneakers. She also styled her long blonde braids in a ponytail. 

The public figure settled next to her husband, who drew her in and rubbed her shoulders with one hand. Soon enough, the couple's lookalike daughter Olympia joined them, sporting a patterned dress in a lighter shade of pink. The seemingly excited little girl hugged her mommy, who kissed her forehead. 

Appearing to remember something suddenly, Williams got up and reappeared with a tiny baby wrapped in a white patterned shawl. The trio proceeded to admire the newborn in Williams' arms while reveling in the heartwarming moment. 

'Welcome my beautiful angel,” Williams captioned.

The concluding parts of the clip included family photos of the happy bunch smiling for the camera. Williams' TikTok fans did not hide their pleasant surprise as they gushed over her lovely family. 

The mom-of-two further introduced her baby girl on Instagram sharing her name, "Adira River Ohanian." 

Fans couldn't help but be over the moon as they joined the couple in celebration. Celebrities like Ciara, Lewis Hamilton, and Naomi Campbell also penned well wishes in the comment section.  

Alexis Ohanian, Olympia Ohanian Jr, Serena Williams (2021), (Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Everyone was delighted with the arrival of Williams’ second child, Adira. On Aug. 26, 2023, Williams revealed Adira’s nursery to the world in a video on her YouTube channel. 

Pegged as a nursery that is “fit for royalty,” fans raved about the elegance of the prepared room for Adira. 

Williams revealed that they turned Olympia’s old room into her sister’s nursery. 

“This actually used to be [my eldest daughter] Olympia’s room,” she explained on the video. “It had blue carpet and was, like, a playroom for her. So, lots of work to be done in here.”

The newly-built nursery screamed elegance and opulence as it was decked with white paint and finished with maroon details, including the drapes, and the linens on her crib. A gold crown can be seen also in her room. 

A giraffe plushie will be guarding little Adira in her room, which was also decked with falling leaves, and hot air balloons. Williams also gave a sneak peek at her stacked closet of Adira, which will surely be filled with designer clothes and apparel in the future. 

Fans flocked to the comment section, praising WIlliams for giving extra care and attention to her new daughter’s nursery. 

“Serena is a Queen and I appreciate her taking the time to share her pregnancy journey for baby #2,” a user said. 

“I love that you designed the room to be elegant and calming. (Not bursting with the typical pink overload),” another shared. 

“Thank so much for sharing Serena, the nursery is beautiful; love the closet storage. Maybe one day I hope to see your own show on HGTV ❤,” someone shared. 

"Love it. So Royal and beautifully done!" another echoed, while one said that the “room fit for the royalty that she is!!"

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