Senior Sits To Play Piano And Is Joined By Professional Pianist For Duet That Stops The Crowd

Yamaha and Transport for London teamed up to form #Platform88, a project that places pianos throughout the underground stations of the bustling capital so that commuters can tinkle the ivories if they are so inclined.

Imagine everyone's joy when professional, Brendan Kavanagh, joined in with another talented player for a medley of breathtaking tunes. 

There's just something awesome about live music in unexpected places. An impromptu piano performance in a crowded public place can draw a crowd of appreciative fans. In this case, the fans got a better performance than usual.

Sitting down at a public piano, a senior citizen starts playing some jazzy tunes. He clearly enjoys his music, and others listen as most people continue to pass by on their hurried way.

A stranger appears at the piano and, with one hand, he joins the piano playing. The older man continues his tune, while looking up, smiling, and saying a few words. The men even chat a bit while playing together.

The music sounds like a practiced duet, even though the two men have never met, and have never played music together. By the time their song ends, a few people have stopped to notice. A couple of phone cameras are recording the magic, and grateful fans applaud.

When the older gentleman launches into a bit of Mozart, the younger man joins in, again with one hand, playing on the upper piano notes. With just a few words between songs, the men jump right into an upbeat American jazz tune.

They sound like they've been playing duets together for ages. The newcomer goes back and forth between playing with one hand and two, just adding his own little touches to the music, letting the seated performer's music shine.

By this time, a crowd has gathered, and the two performers start playing a jaunty tune with an Irish flair. The performers switch places a couple of times, chatting, and even playing snippets of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Interestingly, the stranger who joined the performance was actually Brendan Kavanagh, a professional British pianist known to many as "Dr. K." As it turns out, Kavanagh enjoys showing up and joining impromptu pianists, much to the delight of fans and onlookers, as reported here by The Evening Standard.

It looks like the music and the inspiration are working! What do you think? When was the last time you heard an impromptu live performance like this? Let us know, and inspire your friends and family with this video too.